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Arrest Warrant Issued For Bikram Choudhury

in YD News

Bad boys, bad boys…whatcha gonna do? Maybe get arrested for not handing over what you owe when you lost your sexual harassment lawsuit and probably illegally hiding your luxury cars and lying about being bankrupt? If you’re new to the Bikram rape suit saga, his potential arrest may come as a surprise (then, again, if you’re just hearing about this for the first time, might we advise you to immediately turn around, bury your head in child’s pose and continue on living a blissful existence away from this ugliness).

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Edward Moreton issued the warrant for Bikram Choudhury Wednesday and set bail at $8 million, the LA Times reports. This comes after a monumental win earlier this year for Choudhury’s former legal advisor, Minakshi Jafa-Bodden, who, referring to Choudhury as “cold, calculating predator” sued for sexual harassment and unlawful termination and was awarded over $7 million plus basically the entire Bikram empire–including his fleet of fancy cars that seem to have vanished.

According to ABC News, the warrant would allow for Choudhury to be arrested in the U.S. and possibly Mexico, which is where it’s being reported authorities believe Choudhury is hiding. Although, isn’t he just in India cavalierly planning more teacher trainings?

We’re not quite sure how this will play out. Bikram Choudhury’s lawyers claim he is bankrupt. Jafa-Bodden’s attorney, Carla Minnard, claims they know where the hidden cars and property are located.

How long can he evade the police? Will there be a high-speed car chase? Who will be driving the white Bronco?

Who will win? If anyone, really.

No one wins here, except for maybe the producers behind the true crime drama series based on the real life story. Sigh.

Bikram Choudhury still faces SIX other lawsuits claiming sexual harassment and/or rape. He categorically denies any wrongdoing. And he also called his accusers “trash,” says he can cure AIDS and that a drop of his sperm is worth a million dollars.


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11 comments… add one
  • Yoga certainly doesn’t win.

    • David

      I think yoga wins if this incident breaks down the silence that has allowed too many other “teachers” to engage in similar behavior. I attended a workshop by Kaustab Desikachar where he interacted with some female students in ways that made me very uncomfortable. When I raised it with some of the students and a teacher I respected I was treated like a heretic. I should note the teacher sponsoring it did take my comments seriously. Shortly after this came the news amount the Interpol charges of sexual abuse – rape – of several students. We leave many things outside our practice space. That should not include our moral compass or our responsibility to speak out when it tells us something is wrong. That’s the only way yoga can clean out the predators and win.

  • Dwayne

    I dunno…if Bikram winds up discredited and leaves USA/the “yoga business”, it seems like “yoga” wins on some level. The loss/damage has already occurred.

  • I do see your points. I think that people like Bikram cast a pall on the integrity of yoga/yoga teachers to the general public.

  • Bradd Graves

    Oh please. Yoga has no integrity in America to begin with. No training, goats, and dope. I rest my case.

  • I think you may be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, Bradd. There are people who don’t buy into the commercialization/westernization of yoga.

  • Donald Covfefe

    I don’t understand what’s taking so long. Seems like Bikram still able to run Training overseas.
    If you follow the story closely you may be surprised how many defenders he still has due to the yoga. Some say the yoga saved them. I think it is amazingly great yoga from an amazingly awful person

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  • I don’t know that a lot of people even in the yoga world know about this

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