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Beyonce Yoga, Not Just For Single Ladies

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Bey-asana Goddess Pose via Nosie Yoga

Namasbey Goddess Pose

When getting in formation means getting into goddess pose. Er, surfbort? Eep. Are you keeping up with these yoga trends? Hip hop yoga keeps blowing up and now we’re seeing specially themed (and semi-cleverly named) yoga classes appealing to an even wider range of yogsters. Enter…Bey-Asana.

The brainchild of Houston-based couple Susie Edebor and her husband, Nosa (aka MC Nosaprise), Bey-Asana combines—you guessed it—Beyonce and yoga, a class they teach at their studio, Nosie Yoga.

“Being from Houston, Destiny’s Child and later Beyonce is just a part of our culture,” Susie told the Houston Press.

Why Beyonce and yoga? It’s about bringing people together (and staying on trend because these themed classes are HOT right now).

“In Houston, Beyonce represents empowerment, strength and energy, and we wanted to create something fun that would bring all that together while connecting people,” Susie said.

Essentially, why not?

In case you missed it, there is yoga with goats, so pretty much anything goes now.

Also, Drake gets his own yoga class and Queen B doesn’t? Someone had to set the universe right.

LA yoga teacher Paul Schneider, the mastermind behind Namasdrake, has also dreamed up his own Namasbey classes.

“Every class we have at least one brand-new student who has never done yoga and just really loves Beyoncé,” Schneider told the Houston Press. “That’s a part of the concept behind this class—to make hatha yoga fun and less intimidating to beginners, or even to people who may never have tried yoga in their life if it wasn’t for fusing it with their favorite artist.”

Making yoga more inclusive? It’s hard to argue with that. Plus, at least we know Beyonce is into the practice herself (no, we don’t know if Beyonce does Bey-asana…the universe might just explode).

Also, fun fact: Beyonce’s guitarist, Bibi McGill is, indeed, a legit rock star yogi.

Another fun fact: No one wants to practice yoga in silence anymore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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