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There’s No Room For Yoga In Trump’s Easter Egg Roll

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Apparently, there is no room for yoga in Trump’s America, or at least in his Easter Egg Roll. For the past eight years yoga in the Yoga Garden was an Easter tradition under the Obama administration. But that’s all gone, now.

This year’s festivities were reportedly thrown together haphazardly and last minute, which sounds about right. According to Leah Cullis, the yogi who had run the Yoga Garden for all eight of the Obamas’ Easter Egg Rolls, no one had gotten in touch about continuing the tradition.

“No one has reached out to me about the 2017 event,” Leah Cullis told the New York Times a week before Easter.

Cullis shared a throwback pic and a nod to years past via Instagram.

“This event is so close to my heart, I’m saddened to hear that it’s not a priority for the current occupants of the White House,” Cullis shared in another post where she thanks Michelle Obama and those who participated in the event for working “tirelessly to elevate this event every year with the intention to inspire America’s youth to lead healthy and active lives.”

Oh, there was the annual book reading, and the musical performances, and of course the egg roll this year…but no yoga.

No Yoga Garden.


No yoga-doing Spiderman.


Or paper mache presidents doing tree pose.


No adorable kids learning about yoga with their families.


But that was a nice walk down Memory Lane, wasn’t it? (All photos from previous years’ East Egg Rolls.)

We miss the old Sean Spicer.

White House Easter "Yoga Garden" 2012

White House Easter “Yoga Garden” 2012

[photo credits: Leah Cullis, @yokidorg, Michael Joel Hall]


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