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‘Polly Wants A Yoga Mat,’ Apparently – Here Comes Parrot Yoga!

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Not an actual representation of parrot yoga.

Not an actual representation of parrot yoga.

You may have noticed that Goat Yoga is now completely out of control. And by this we mean Goat Yoga is practically everywhere (check your local farm). But that shouldn’t be too surprising since yoga with [enter a type of animal] has become the latest craze since Doga was the cat’s meow. Oh, yoga with dogs, that sounds so tame these days!

So what’s the latest creature to spread their yoga wings? Parrot Yoga! Parrot Yoga! Is there an echo in here?

If you’re all like…YASSSSS! We hope you live in Vancouver because that’s where you’ll find your next bird of paradise (for now, until it takes flight everywhere else…just wait).

Yes, Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary in East Vancouver, Canada will be hosting their own special yoga class on May 13 featuring none other than Polly and her pals. The class is following the trend of animal-themed yoga to help raise awareness and money for shelters as well as offer a potential boost to adoptions.

The funds from the parrot yoga class will help Greyhaven continue to care for the hundreds of birds they rescued from Vancouver Island last summer. They’re also hoping some of the feathered friends will find their forever yogis. (Note: you do not have to be a pirate.)

“There are so many beautiful and loving birds available for adoption, there’s no reason whatsoever for someone to buy from breeders,” shelter volunteer and owner of Vancouver Corporate Yoga Sunny Trim told the Vancouver Sun.

We love that many of these creature/yoga mashups are intended to highlight the great and often difficult work being done by animal shelters, and that yoga is so hip that it could possibly increase adoptions—or at least give everyone something to crow about.

Here’s a video we found in case you need a little home instruction. It’s actually pretty cute—and helpful, if you were wondering if the parrot just stays on her shoulder…or…

And it’s almost Easter…so here’s some bunny yoga.



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