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Bikram’s ‘Real Sports’ Meltdown Episode Nominated For Sports Emmy Award

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That Bikram Choudhury episode of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, the one where he calls his alleged victims of sexual assault liars and “trash,” claims 5000 women a day want to sleep with him and that his sperm is worth a million dollars, and proceeds to have an R-rated meltdown on camera, is nominated for a Sports Emmy Award in the category of Outstanding Journalism.

Yep, it turns out there are Emmys for sports. While yoga as a sport is still up for debate, there’s no denying the episode (#235 for those watching on demand) is a bonafide stellar piece of journalism.

Not only did journalist Andrea Kremer ask tough questions (aka “A lot of people think you’re a tyrant and a rapist…thoughts?”—we’re paraphrasing) but she was also able to capture a fidgety, steamingly defensive and pushed-to-the-edge Choudhury whose bs many are no longer buying at $12,000 a pop (the cost of his trainings). An Emmy is the least of what Kremer deserves for her work on this interview and for being called a “piece of shit psychopath” and keeping her cool.

We said it before—get ready for the feature film. You heard it here first.

In case you missed it, watch the episode’s trailer below.

Of course, you can watch the whole episode on HBO GO. We high/lowlighted the most disturbing moments here.

The 38th Sports Emmy Award winners will be announced May 9, 2017. More info at www.emmyonline.org/sports.




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  • Not exactly sure why this bothers me. I am certainly not a fan of Bikram or his style of yoga. I thought the journalism was good from his segment. Maybe because, even tho he has done evil, Bikram is still a being and I find the descent of a being and seeing it, difficult.

  • I’ll watch this, it’s like rubbernecking a bad traffic accident. You know you shouldn’t look but are drawn in.


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