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Well-Known Yogi Eric Shaw Shocks Students With Misogynistic, Anti-Feminist Rant

in YD News

February 17, 2017

Eric Shaw may be a familiar name as a yoga teacher. But his recent anti-feminist rant might earn him a new title: unabashed misogynist. Coming as a surprise to many of his students and followers, Shaw posted an extremely alienating note to his Facebook wall Thursday, and understandably, people are responding in shock and dismay (there are currently over 350 comments and counting). As far as we know this is not satire (though it reads very Onion-y).

Shaw is a Dallas-based yoga teacher offering his services for teacher trainings and workshops around Texas, with a smattering abroad. His articles have been published on several websites, including Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal and Yoga International. It goes without saying that Shaw works and interacts with many women in his profession.

And yet…

In his diatribe, Shaw complains of women “dodging social responsibility” calling them “cowards” while they’re “whining” about inequality in their “self-righteous victimhood.”

He opens his hateful rant with: “Women have been cowards. They have sucked the wealth and life-blood out of men to enjoy their baby-making efforts while men went out and did the real work in the world.”

Wow. Where to begin?

The attack seems to blame women for any social or economical inequities and relieve white males of any inherent privilege:

We could just as easily demonize women for being a kind of succubus. For dodging their social responsibility and hiding behind a veil of too-moral dignity to dirty their hands with the affairs of the world. We could say women were cowards for hiding in the home and not successfully challenging men to take up their fair share of public responsibilities.

Feminism whines that all privileges should be just handed to women and not be earned like every man has earned it day in and day out for thousands of years—earned in blood—as every social privilege is earned.

Feminism whines that women should not have to compete on the existing playing field with men just as every other man always does. Feminism says the game is rigged. Feminism creates this dreamworld where a (usually White) male shows up for work and is handed the keys to the kingdom.

Says the white male.

You can read his full bizarre tirade below or on Facebook. It’s really quite something. We’re posting this so you can make conscious decisions. Perhaps you believe yoga and politics don’t mix. We believe that you should know if your yoga teacher is a raving misogynist.

Masculinism 101: A Response to the Feminist Recoding of History


How about this vision?

Women have been cowards.

They have sucked the wealth and life-blood out of men to enjoy their baby-making efforts while men went out and did the real work in the world. As those men lived—and when those men died—their wives enjoyed the power and prestige and wealth that these men paid the price in blood for, and they took it heedlessly for their own.

Talk about “entitlement.”

In the modern day, Feminism complains that historically women were not invited into the halls of power, that they were not offered an open door, that they were not considered worthy for positions in public life.


They shuttle the burden of this work on to men for thousands of years and then overnight men are supposed to assume they’ve got the chops to do the job men have done for millennia? We’re to trust that the gender that has been passive, supplicant—arguably “parasitical,” to quote Simone de Beauvoir —is overnight competent, self-possessed and unyielding enough in composure to handle the pressures of public responsibilities?


And men are demonized for this?

We could just as easily demonize women for being a kind of succubus. For dodging their social responsibility and hiding behind a veil of too-moral dignity to dirty their hands with the affairs of the world. We could say women were cowards for hiding in the home and not successfully challenging men to take up their fair share of public responsibilities.

Feminism whines that all privileges should be just handed to women and not be earned like every man has earned it day in and day out for thousands of years—earned in blood—as every social privilege is earned.

Feminism whines that women should not have to compete on the existing playing field with men just as every other man always does. Feminism says the game is rigged. Feminism creates this dreamworld where a (usually White) male shows up for work and is handed the keys to the kingdom.

Where do you think what you call “male privilege” comes from? Atoms? Quarks? Sea breezes?

This whiny attitude would suggest that women are still not equal, still not adult, and are still working their womanly wiles to get stuff, and not willing or able to bear the demands of a sacrificial lifestyle that pays the benefits they insist they so richly deserve.

There have been mass-majority-male companies that have kicked ass again and again. Companies that from assemblyline to corporate seat were 90% men. Have women ever duplicated this?

How many woman have started a company from scratch depending only on the grit of herself and other women to build a massive corporate edifice of the likes of Apple or Microsoft or Ford that kicks butt everywhere on the planet?

Maybe Mary Kay—and respect to her for doing so. But this points to where male “privilege” comes from. Men have fought for it. Men have shown what men do. Women are now winning that privilege, too—often for a newly-needed skillset (emotional intelligence). Often, there’s now “Female Privilege” ‘cause employers know women’s EQ leaves men in the dust. And, yes, greatness is there to be taken by anyone who’ll risk for their reward. That said, don’t bother me ladies for a regard you have not yet earned.
The now-prevalent Feminist analysis of history and society that insists on ungainly notions of “gender equality” begs the question: if women are really up to the job of bearing the burdens of social life (not just domestic life) and have always been, why did they wait until men had made labor so safe to massively agitate for equal rights (circa 1890)?

Why didn’t they massively agitate in pre-modern times when society mainly needed bricklayers and miners and soldiers and blacksmiths and sailors and garbage men?

Society still needs people for these jobs.

Will a woman ever do them—except in some uber-minor percentile?


And not because of “oppression” or gender-prejudice.

But because only one in a thousand women is constitutionally capable of doing this kind of work.
Only one is a thousand women is inured to the kind of physical pain and the crudely aggressive social structures that commonly rule these realms of physical labor.

Oh, and I know that we’re not supposed to say that.

If I don’t keep hush-hush about reality, you’ll label me misogynist or classist, of course.
We’re supposed to believe that women are the physical equals of men and that blue-collar workers act like perfect princes (and princesses?).

Sure, sometimes they are, and sometimes they do, but “work outside” ain’t like labor in a pharmacy or a marketing firm or a law office. There’s open insults and crude jokes and hazing. It’s in the nature of the work—it’s blunt, concrete and often pitiless. It isn’t feminine. It’s not nice.

But it’s this bedrock labor that puts the fish on your plate, that ships your goods from China, that gets the steel made so you can drive a fine car, and gets energy pouring through your wall-socket. (Check out the film, Deepwater Horizon if you want a revealing drama about the murderous world of resource extraction.)

Yes, 90% of us can ignore it now, but Mother Nature is still being kept from killing human society by an army of men that confronts her every day.

We want to ignore this. We want to pretend that Ma Nature loves us—because in a nice city park, or out in the wild with our pretty Patagonia gear, she seems to.

But it ain’t so.

Every day, the pitilessness of nature (something now seen as a quaint myth from the safety of our urban homes) keeps getting wrangled by an army of workers who initially built your four cozy walls and who now withstand the toxic side of worklife—and these people are 99% men.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had to hear about the suffering of clean-up ladies in hotels. Compare their physical pressures to that of deep-sea fishing, to creeping down into a hole to dynamite copper, to cleaning city sewers, to laying down asphalt, to changing a car driveshaft, or to welding girders 500 feet up the air.

Yes, women are taken advantage of in the workplace.

Men are also taken advantage of in the workplace—and—in the most aggressive, male-dominated professions that save us all from doing the dirty work—they are maimed and killed, to boot (to say nothing about all dudes suffering destruction in some penitentiary or infantry).

Think about this—and give men their fucking due.

And women are said to be the sex that suffers.

Shut up, dear. Let’s be real.

Understand that this is not a statement about human rights, this is a statement about ideology and history.

It is unquestioned that laws should allow everyone to strive to become whatever they want to become, and that legislative priorities should respond to women’s special needs.

This is a statement about the wisdom of nature and the healthy laws of survival.

These laws are not evil. They winnow us and make us stronger—Brown, White, Black, Yellow, Red, Man, Woman, Transgender.

You don’t need to lie about nature or history, Feminists, to build a better world. We’re in this together.

Stop shitting on men. Realize we’re all human beings who suffer and succeed, and you’ll cultivate noble, willing allies, not guilty, self-abnegating accomplices for your worthy goals.

I know your self-righteous victimhood restrains you mightily, but you might even go out on a limb sometime—instead of hate—offer gratitude—for the safe world men have died to create for you (out of love and honor)—from beyond recorded time.

UPDATE: David Sunshine, Owner and Director of Dallas Yoga Center where Eric Shaw teaches, has issued a statement. There is no official word on whether or not he’s been fired, but the current DYC schedule reflects that Shaw’s classes have been cancelled.

Via Facebook:

It has come to our attention that there is a negative Facebook post on a personal page of a yoga instructor that has been contracted by DYC. As the owner of the Dallas Yoga Center, I am deeply shocked and want to make it clear that in no way does this post reflect the core mission or values of the Dallas Yoga Center. The Dallas Yoga Center deeply respects the amazing strengths of women and seeks to provide a space where women can flourish, grow, and find personal empowerment through the teachings of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. We believe in the unlimited potential of individuals and honor all people regardless of background or gender. It goes without saying that DYC celebrates the incredible contributions and impact that women have made on the world we live in through their actions and sacrifices. Dallas Yoga Center is taking necessary steps to address this situation.

David Sunshine, Owner and Director

Locals are responding in support and praise of Sunshine’s message and quick response.

UPDATE Sunday 2/19/17: Image originally included in the article of Tias Little and Dallas Yoga Center Founder David Sunshine with Eric Shaw has been removed at the request of Little and Sunshine. The photo was posted October 2016 to Eric Shaw’s facebook and had been previously liked by both Tias Little and David Sunshine. We point this out because even as early as a few months ago people were unaware of Shaw’s views or they chose to overlook them. (We’ve been made aware of Shaw’s anti-feminist opinions that go back as early as 2013.)

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  • linda

    Since he’ll probably lose all his teaching gigs now — although he can return to India and teach with Bikram 😉 — guess he’ll be free to be Steve Bannon’s yoga teacher at the WH and they can commiserate about the emasculation of American men. Or something. Trump and his ilk can do with some yoga methinks.

    • YD

      He can join Milo on his tour.

      • linda

        Apparently he’s been on this roll since 2013: https://www.elephantjournal.com/2013/12/feminism-sucks/

        In elephant journal, of course.

        • Anne

          Elephant Journal, what a joke. The last click I ever gave to them was for an April Fool’s “joke” post about John Friend during the Anusara brouhaha — another yoga scandal which was deeply rooted in misogyny. (This, after Elephant won a gazillion clicks via the scandal.)

          • linda

            oh, I got stories about EJ.

        • Lesley

          Wish I could read his article on EJ, but it appears to be removed…

  • PS in NY

    Judas Priest, Eric. Did your mommy do something terrible to you when you were a little boy? Did you just go through an acrimonious divorce, or a particularly bad breakup with a girlfriend? Those are the only situations I can think of that would incite such a misogynistic rant. I expect we’ll hear some loud whining from you as you face the consequences of your actions. But I’m sure you’ll claim that your Facebook account was “hacked”.

    • ED

      Agree, reads like Shaw was dumped and feeling used has to spew it out. A quick search on Shaw turned up his association with John Friend which was enough for me to get his “view” and not waste precious practice time reading any more about Eric Shaw. (Which on the other hand can be head scratching as Friend was a convert to SYDA and Malti’s “charms”, only strong women of power or something I guess).

      Shaw: “Understand that this is not a statement about human rights, this is a statement about ideology and history.”

      The whole thing reads like a Trump rant and rave which should have been worked out with a therapist behind closed doors, I guess ones facebook page is like holding the talking stick. Oh well it’s all about elightenment, career change, true self, bliss. I hear Uber is looking for drivers, changing a sticky mat for a floor mat, hmm gotta be a metaphor in there and Eric will fit right in – “A former Uber engineer has come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination, claiming that management repeatedly dismissed her complaints, protected a repeat offender and threatened to fire her for raising concerns.”

      • ED

        To add this here instead of onto another comment which can lead who knows where.

        To Shaw’s “self-righteous victimhood” comment:

        From the FBI’s UCR report “Murder Circumstance by Relationship”, of 1203 murders where the victims were wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, 953 women were murdered by an intimate partner.


        “Nationwide, 1,613 females were murdered by males in single victim/single offender incidents in 2014, at a rate of 1.08 per 100,000. The study found that nationwide, 93 percent of women killed by men were murdered by someone they knew. Of the victims who knew their offenders, 63 percent were wives or other intimate acquaintances of their killers. Thirteen times as many females were murdered by a male they knew than were killed by male strangers.”

        • statistics dont prove shit

          Think again.

          4,800 suicides per annum says that women are psychologically violent and more of a killer that men. Women may not be as effective at using physical violence but women are just as violent as men.


          • anon

            You do realize that the article you’re citing doesn’t actually support what you’re saying, right?

        • Glenn Harrison

          So how that compare with the number of men killed? I suspect that it is relatively miniscule! Men are by far the greatest demographic that are victims of violence.

      • anyone can cut and paste

        However, that generalises things to a point where it become almost meaningless. Laughing at all men on this basis that a tiny minority of men are violent towards women (and, incidentally, to men too) undermines the feminist argument because it paints a simplistic view of the world in which every women disadvantaged compared to every man.

        You’re characterisation of those holding control as ‘straight, white men’ misses out the most crucial characteristic – ‘rich’.

        Many of the ways that feminists in western societies feel disadvantaged actually affect most men as much, or even more.

        In Britain and other developed societies women share broadly the same job prospects as men. The pay gap, while a valid issue at an executive level and for older women, is non-existent or even reversed for women under the age of about 40, once you account for the lower paid part-time roles that many women take after having children.

        Boys, in general, leave school with a poorer standard of education than girls.

        Men have a much higher rate of suicide than women, and that gap is increasing. That cannot be explained by glib assertions that we don’t talk about our problems – suicide in men peaks in the 40-50 age group, suggesting it is not simply ‘a thing men do’ (which would reflected more evenly across age group) but a reaction to the external pressures they face.

        All these are valid issues and ignoring them to deliver a ‘fuck you’ to all men, as you excuse here, makes you seem dogmatic and even bullying.

    • fckfeminism

      Thats always the insult aimed at criticisms of feminazi ideology, i.e. divorce, mummy issues, it cant be that it’s the irrational, self-indulgent, entitled ideology of white women who ignore the other fault lines in society, race and class.

      I believe very little, if nothing, about the whole theory of misogyny, and it appears to be a solid cornerstone for much of modern feminism.

      I’m not saying that there is zero hate, or that men don’t have a variety of different things that they do that harm, upset or simply irritate women, just that they’re separate issues and its inaccurate to try to scoop them all up in a single net and demand that its called “hate”.

  • Becky Hieter

    Wow, just wow, well he got attention for his sad threatened ego. Mine is not threatened by these selfish words. Not sure I am glad that I clicked but compassion and forgiveness remain my mantra. I send healing and love and not a cent of my money from me or my students for this misguided soul.

    • Jasmine

      You SAY compassion and forgiveness remain your mantra and then demonstrate just the opposite in sentences that follow your “mantra” claim. Your judgement statement “misguided soul” is the cherry on top.

      • Becky

        I can see your take on that Jasmine. Thank you for your feedback. Namaste

  • Becky

    Wow, just wow, well he got attention for his sad threatened ego. Mine is not threatened by these selfish words. Not sure I am glad that I clicked but compassion and forgiveness remain my mantra. I send healing and love and not a cent of my money from me or my students for this misguided soul.

  • Tony

    This is the view of many trump supporters, both men and women. Society has not advanced that far with these reminders of misogyny and racism. Yoga people are really in their own bubble making it hard to recognize that outside that world, there are raging maniacs ready to sell their county and democracy down the river to get even with the small liberal advances in the country. 45 is beating that drum loud and clear. Be on your guard and resist!

    • MaggiefromHilltop

      I have a feeling that given the controversy-free response to the 2013 Elephant Journal article, Eric probably didnt expect the blowback from his recent facebook post.

  • S.

    Matthew Remski and Eric Shaw are BFFs on Facebook. Remski praises Shaw for bashing on Iyengar which fits into his tired narrative. Given Remski’s history with interrogating women to tears for his “research,” it is only a matter of time before we read a story like this about the Canadian Hero of Social Justice Warriorhood (cough, fraud, cough).

    • Kim

      I just about puked when I saw Matthew’s gushing review of Shaw’s essay about Iyengar. I honestly think they are bed buddies. Here’s the link to see for yourself: http://shop.prasanayoga.com/shop/seizing-the-whip-b-k-s-iyengar-and-the-making-of-modern-yoga/

      • Leslie Kaminoff, Doug Keller and Matthew Remski all gave positive reviews of Eric Shaw’s piece, but I suspect that they were all solicited several months before this scandal broke out. I saw on Facebook that Matthew has condemned Shaw’s essay and plans to write a response. Let the flame wars begin.

    • Smithers

      I suspect Remski will try to insert himself into this lurid spectacle. That’s his well honed method of gaining attention. He will suck up to his friend for an interview as he did with Kaminoff. Then shove him under the bus while denying they are friends. One less competitor selling yoga “philosophy”.

      • Jose

        Remski is a hack in the traditional of Waylon Lewis @ EJ who exploit the yoga community every chance they get. This Shaw guy is just another branch of that tree.

      • Kim

        You so called it Smithers! Now Remski is posting on his FB page: “I would like to collaborate with other men to write an open letter responding to Shaw’s hate speech. I believe it should be rooted in an acknowledgement of how the male-dominated sector of yoga culture, through lack of interest born of privilege, not only fails to distinguish itself from common patriarchy, but in many cases actively supports and even spiritualizes misogyny in various forms.” Someone needs to call Matthew out on this now! I can’t because he blocked me.

        • Smithers

          That’s his game, To project the most virtuous and noble of intentions as a vehicle for his self promotion. Women certainly do not need him as a spokesperson, but that won’t stop him.

          • K.

            You called it. Mendacious Matthew just can’t help sticking his snout into the situation, when he smells free publicity. Women are beseeching him to stay out of it and let them speak for themselves. As of now he is ignoring them. He is a shrewd one though. If things get hot he will withdraw and claim he is listening to their voices. I call self serving egomaniac.

  • Dwayne

    Wow. Truly bizarre s**t. I never heard of the dude before, and could have done without reading (well, OK, I could only skim it) his surreal rant. Good luck getting any more yoga teaching jobs, weirdass!

  • Sasha_

    He was perhaps unwise to poke the feminist hornets-nest of bigotry and intolerance. As we’ve seen with the furor over the scientist Matt Taylor’s shirt, or over another scientist – Tim Hunt – losing his job over a speech encouraging women to do science – feminists are a nasty, bigoted lot.

    Of course every sensible person knows feminism is sexist nonsense. Men are 97% of all workplace deaths and injuries, 4 in 5 of suicides, die four years younger, control just 20% of consumer spending, are the majority of the homeless, receive longer prison sentences for exactly the same crime etc. etc.

    We all know this – the feminist narrative of the mainstream media is massively at odds with most people’s lived experience.

    It’s just questionable whether it’s a good idea to state the truth openly.

    Oh – and let’s please not have this nonsense about criticising feminism equalling ‘misodgeny’ – it doesn’t. Otherwise you’d have to explain why the 60%+ of American women who refuse to identify as feminists somehow hate themselves, why women like Karen Straughn (@girlwrightswhat) or Christina Hoffman-Summers make similar critics. Feminism is an ideology, women are a sex/gender.

    • Glenn H

      Well said. Absolutely agree 100%. This truth is to a feminist like sunlight is to a vampire. You a quite right to point out what a nasty, hateful and vindictive cult Feminism really is. It is just so much more than just a Mental Illness.

    • pal

      men and women are oppressed by men; men are the problem. if mras were all about peace, were anti-war, anti-violence, etc, they’d make sense, but they aren’t and don’t. (and should include rape statistics- a good place for them to explain why rape is justifiable)

      • Glenn H

        What on Earth are you babbling on about? Are you a lunatic? You start taking about justifying rape! Tut! Tell your justification to the young black chap brutally anally raped with a police baton in France and was still in hospital the last time I heard. The rape of this man has led to days on end of riots. Nobody is in custody for this crime. The crime of rape is inflicted on both genders across the world … that’s why I so object to laws to stop “Violence against women and Girls” … bugger the men and boy victims (literally). Shit like that is put together under the hate cult of Feminism. The sooner both Feminism and Feminazism are fully recognised for the evil, toxic cult that it actually is, the better it will be for the whole of humanity. Feminism is not just a mental illness or even just cancer … it is a terrorist organisation.

        • pal

          his pants fell down on accident it was just an accident, said the men in charge. despite the accidental nature of the rape, one officer is being charged with rape, three others with aggravated assault. women die on the job too, why aren’t you objecting, rather than 100% agreeing, with sasha_?

          • Glenn H

            You are a disgusting rape apologist. You defend a rapist by saying that the victim’s pants fell down. You call the ensuing brutal rape and hospitalisation an “Accident”! You are disgusting. Neither the gender of the victim nor the perpetrator should make any difference whatsoever: rape is rape.

            As for the 3% of workplace deaths being women; I am against all workplace deaths as I am against all rapes. The fact that that men do 97% of the dying is drown out by the shrill cries for Equality by nutcase Feminazis. I believe in us all striving for Equality … whether that be in education, suicide, rates of pay, criminal sentencing, healthcare spending (excluding maternity services) and every other field.

        • pal

          it was the cops (men) who said it was an accident, lying like cops (men) do, not me. women cops lie too. under assad (a man), rape is weaponized, just as it is under suukyi (a woman), and it’s men raping women, men doing the violence. it’s not about disproportionate violence, it’s the foundation of violence that dominance requires, and for millenia it’s men laying that foundation of violence daily, which calling women succubuses, ignoring rape, poverty, and domestic violence stats while gaping at deaths in professions women are systematically excluded from is all about too. it’s convenient arguments, not reality, that you’re interested in. if you were interested in equality you’d align with the liberal feminists who see liberation from patriarchy as a distraction to equality and representation (so long as they can ignore the populations who suffer under them), but no, all you have is apologia and make believe.

          • Glenn H

            You babbling again. You haven’t condemned this rape. All you have done is attempt to excuse the pain and depravity of this brutal act by pointing out the gender of the alleged perpetrator. When a human being is being brutally raped, neither the gender of the victim nor the gender of the perpetrator should make an iota of difference. To you, apparently it does. What sort of fuct-up-in-the-head twisted person are you? Don’t tell me … a feminist!

        • pal

          sorry, i didn’t know such an obvious crime as rape needed condemning- yes i condemn those who raped that man, and all who rape, all who offer excuses for rape, and all who treat it as separable from the people who rape. anti-feminsm is all about making excuses for rapists, including the deflection employed here; it’s why you won’t address (let alone condemn) weaponized rape, it would admit to the systematized male violence designed to keep women under male control.

          • Glenn H

            My comments were based on my open condemnation of this brutal rape whilst you sought to excuse and explain it by blaming the victim by saying that “His pants had fallen down” and then saying the rape was “An accident”! You further try to trivialise this rape by saying that it was carried out by a man??? So what? Did that make it less painful? Does that make it OK? You are disgusting. If ever there was a caseof weaponised rape, this is it.
            Now climb back into your hole you disgusting excuse for a man. You cuck without a brain.

        • pal

          curious that you’re saying i’m a emasculated automaton, when you again show a lack of reading comprehension; again, it was not me who said it was accidental, it was the cops, the male cops, who, like all defenders of patriarchy, twist and writhe about to excuse rape. what does your avoiding the use of rape as a weapon of war, as it is in myanmar and syria, by men against women as are almost all rapes, say about your mind? hmm. it will be an interesting day (that will likely never come) when you realize complaining about male pain to drown out talk of women’s pain is counterproductive.

          • Glenn H

            Your babbling again. Re-read your own post. It it you that wrote that the rape was carried out by men (so must have been okay). It was you that wrote “His pants fell down” and it was you that wrote that the rape was “An accident”. That was what you wrote. You are disgusting. You are a disgusting rape apologist. Now hang your head in shame, you disgusting cuck.

        • pal

          hmm, i wrote that all that was according to the cops, which is true- for a nitpicker, you’re not very good. i also called these men, these cops, liars- they are liars. why are you standing againt these men whose dangerous profession puts them at risk every day? did you ever think to defend these men who might need to lie to protect them from the feminists, might they be as scared of women as you?

          • Glenn H

            What are you babbling on about now, you cuck? What you wrote is clear for all to see … and I have taken a screenshot for when you try to edit out your drivel. The facts are there; you are there as a rape apologist. You excuse the brutal anal rape using a police baton. You advance the rapist’s excuse that the rape was an “Accident” (your words). Also your words were that “His pants fell down”! There can be no excuses for rape … unlike you, who is a very poor excuse for a man … a cuck if ever there was one. Now go and get that fuct up head sorted. And get some English lessons for yourself; at least then you might be able to put together a coherent piece of writing instead of your current drivel.

        • pal

          literally the cops who raped that man (and no i didn’t say it was okay, that’s you, shaw, and all the anti-feminists) said it was an accident, https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/french-police-anal-rape-suspect-truncheon-paris-officer-accident-sodomised-expandable-baton-theo-a7572581.html not me. (anyone can look this fact up!)

          the funny thing about calling someone a cuck- it’s only insulting if you believe women can domineer people without their compliance (ie. men are naturally weak willed), yet it’s used to say that men should be their own person and independent, and always accompanied by the subtext that men (being stronger willed) should domineer women. it doesn’t make sense but that’s point, and that senselessness is why mras all end up on display as the flailing, desperate, pitiable crybabies they are. if you don’t buy into the sexism/violence patriarchy insists is natural, calling someone a cuck only shows a devotion to violence, patriarchy, and idiocy.

          • Glenn H

            Your babbling again!
            No, it is you that has made those statements. You are the one that said those things. There it is, in black and white; just scroll up and look for yourself. You are the one emphasising that the rape was carried out by a male (as if that makes it all OK). Rape is not OK. It is not OK even if the victim is male. Rape is rape so don’t make excuses. And to try and dismiss this rape as an “Accident” because his “Pants” had fallen down is disgraceful and disgusting on your part. You are a rape apologist.

            Oh, and do stop blithering on about MRAs. I presume that you me Men’s Rights Activist. I am not an MRA and am not active in anything these days. As for you being a cuck, you are obviously going to know what that is … as you are one.

            Now, before you post anything more on here, do please compose it with some thought. At first, I thought that you had been drinking but it is clear that you are just fucked-up-in-the-head. Either that or the meds wreaking havoc.

          • Nick

            Glenn is having a lot of trouble understanding pal’s summary of the story out of France. You need to take some time to read carefully, Glenn. Pal is not defending the rape; he/she is describing how the event was excused and defended by the French police that perpetrated it. They said the guy’s pants fell down and the rape was accidental – a load of nonsense, obviously.
            Pal wasn’t terribly clear in his/her writing, but if you actually read carefully without flipping out you’d have understood. Also, engaging in sexist namecalling doesn’t really help your case.

        • pal

          you deflect and debase like a mra, you are a mra.

          did you read the news article i posted?

          if you agree with me rape is not ever ok, why do you not care who the rapists are? how can rape be eliminated without explaining who the rapists are?

          • Glenn H

            You are babbling still and wriggling like a worm that has just been put on the hook. It was YOU that wrote the rape appologia citing the excuse the “His pants had fallen down” and that it was an “Accident”! Never mind what the assailant has said, that is what you have said. You belittle the pain an suffering of the victim by excusing and dismissing this most brutal of attacks by saying that the attack was carried out by a man! That is a disgraceful thing to say. You are disgraceful and disgusting. You are a disgracful and disgusting Cuck. No bow your head in shame.

        • pal

          you really should reread what i wrote; it has always been the men in charge who make excuses for rape (as i indicated), in this case cops. it’s to feminism’s credit these cops are being charged at all; unlike you, feminists have been fighting patriarchy, which has as its foundation excusing rape. it’s your devotion to patriarchy and to see women suffer that you won’t care what rapists say, because you, like shaw, don’t want to see less rapes, but to show women as victims of their own making, and so ignore excuses for rapists (who are almost always men) when you (who are almost all men) aren’t making them yourselves.

          if mras were actually about men’s welfare, they wouldn’t be putting up stats to show how women have it better than men, but to improve men’s lives, workplace safety, bring more women into these professions, and so forth. but you, like all patriarchs, don’t actually care about men per se, but keeping women oppressed; there is no positive argument for you, and will always be negative, calling feminists succubi and mentally ill, and so forth. desperate, and desperate to domineer.

          • Glenn H

            I don’t intend to re-read the utterances of a disgusting rape apologist such as you. Anyone just looking at your first post will be able to see you for exactly what you are: a disgusting rape apologist. The fact that you are a cuck as well just makes your very existence even more untenable. I really think that you should put some serious thought into whether or not your continued existence here on this earth can be at all justified. You are an embarrassment to your parents (who have no doubt disowned you anyway) and you are an embarrassment to the human race as a whole. I don’t suppose that you actually feel that embarrassment yourself because you are just too thick.

    • suffer a jet movement

      The suffragettes were terrorists that tried to assassinate a number of high profile male judges and politicians counting a pre-WW2 Churchill among their targets, who would plant white feathers on men in the street to shame them into volunteering for the trenches.
      Right through from the early 20th century to today its prominent members have claimed things like ‘men are only good for war’, ‘all men are rapists’ and launch constant attacks on male masculinity and its characteristics and successes (dehumanising it with terms like ‘patriarchy, or ‘hedgemonic masculinity’, ‘hyper masculinity’). And even now you’re suggesting and some could argue (it would certainly be interpreted this way if roles were reversed) encouraging that it’s OK to hate men because woman hating will always be worse?

  • FeminismisCancer

    Wow you people are all retarded SJWs who hide behind your stupidity by gawking at the truth and never giving a coherent argument. There is absolutely nothing racist or sexist about what he is saying. You need to open your eyes and stop playing victim, like he said.

  • You are wonderful. Great content. Keep up with the good work!
    Kind regards, Sarah

  • Birgit

    I think the students of his current and upcoming training programs/workshops should be informed, too. I would want to know what I signed up for and have an option of withdrawing myself from the program. Here is his website with upcoming dates for workshops and TTC


    Aside from that I think this man needs some serious therapy, around grounded people who know how to handle what effectively is divisive focused hatefulness.

  • Jodie

    Shame on you Yoga Dork for including other male instructors in the photo with Eric Shaw, most likely to emphasis the concept of misogyny. Tias Little has the utmost respect for women. I think Yoga Dork owes him and Mr. Sunshine an apology.

    • J. M.

      Yes! Thank you to YogaDork for sharing the FB post of Eric to help share awareness, but shame on you for showing a photo of Tias, makes him look guilty by association. I’m sure with Eric’s visibility there are plenty of other photos of him alone that you could have used.

  • Pam walsh

    I am appalled at Eric’s rant. Not living up to the Yamas and niyamas is he? Enough said.

    • Glenn H

      It is not a “Rant” it is a well put together piece of logic. Feminazis screech “Misogyny!” whenever their fuct-up-in-the-head twisted cult is called out for what it is. Feminazis don’t engage with the particular points made because they can’t … they just screech for vengeance because their hate and superiority cult has been challenged. The fact is that Feminism is a nasty, violent and vicious cult / mental illness.

      • FurQ

        Its funny how reductive its fine to be for a woman, how sociopathically uncaring of anothers feelings it is okay to be, simply cos you have a vagina. “oh your feelings don’t really mean anything, that just you being a hysterical man’ what does that sound like? Sound like something the suffragettes would have been told by their husbands? Probably. But of course hypocrisy is fine? NO

  • Dawn

    I think it inappropriate and disrespectful to include other male yoga teachers in the photo of Eric Shaw. I have only witnessed and experienced the upmost integrity and respect during the 12 years I’ve known Tias Little. It’s unfortunate that this image of Tias was associated with the writings of Eric Shaw – as I know from direct experience that the views Eric wrote of are not shared by Tias. I think this image should be replaced, and apology sent to both the studio owner and Tias.

  • teresa polt

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  • Dave

    YD – “We’re posting this so you can make conscious decisions. ”

    No. You are posting it for ratings. And it worked!

  • How disturbing and I’m glad they pulled his classes. I’m sure he’ll be out of a job really soon, while he attempts to become the white house yogi, I’m sure he’ll fit right in.

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  • Big Om Daddy

    Sounds like this guy needs to get laid fast and chill. Guys who says these things generally don’t have fulfilling sex lives.

  • FurQ

    I think this is called a fallacious categorical syllogism:

    1) Straight, white men hold the majority of the power in the world
    2) I am a straight, white man
    3) Therefore I hold the majority of the power in the world

    It’s quite clearly bollocks.

    It may be true that the majority of political, economic and social power in the world is held by straight white men, but it’s such a tiny minority of straight white men, that you seem to forget that when you mention that “everyone else struggles to make their lives work with less”, this everyone else includes 99.9% of all straight, white men.

    99.9% of straight, white men don’t have this power of which you speak.

    If what you seek is an equitable redistribution of power, then those 99.9% of straight white men need to be your allies. Don’t try to make them your enemies.

    In doing so, you are only promoting the status quo.

    Familial ties and elitist education are the main routes to power. Sexual orientation and pink skin have nothing to do with it.

    However you can hate with impunity because you can hide behind a misconstrued generalisation.

  • Karl

    Why the hell would you get into yoga in America if you have a problem with girls in the first place?

    • Name

      Because Yoga is for gay men.

  • Glenn H


    The chap doesn’t have a “Problem with girls”. The chap has written about his objection to the hate ideology called Feminism. Feminism is not women; Feminism is an ideology; “Women” is a gender. Many women are anti-feminists. In the UK, only 7% of women self-identity as feminists. To be called a feminist is frequently meant and taken to be an insult. I personally believe that the hate-cult of Feminism is actually a Mental Illness. A sure sign that someone is afflicted is their aversion to truth. Truth to a feminist is like Sunlight is to a vampire. Even when you confront a feminist with their lies, unlike normal people – who would be embarrassed – a feminist will not flinch, rather they will carry on lying as normal.

  • Ashutosh

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  • Colin Purdy

    By virtue of his self-inflicted post, I suppose Shaw, himself, would be surprised that his dimwitted (ahistorical, un-analytical, and combative) rant comes off exactly as evidence in support of what he misguidedly attempts to decry.

  • m

    listen to all you people immediately attacking someone for having an opinion that is backed up with tonnes of facts. feminists is the west… especially those taking fancy yoga classes are are joke. they take away from real issues. they are self absorbed. I hear someone bashing the gay jew immigrant Milo. Funny… the hypocrisy and obvious mental immaturity. save the emotions and start waking up. the end is near. you can only whine and be thankless for so long before mommy and daddy have to take away your nice things. feminism is cancer.

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  • I hope that he has reflected on what he said and genuinely reconsidered it


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