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Herds Of People Are Signing Up For Goat Yoga

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Goat Yoga? Yes, Goat Yoga. That’s yoga with goats, in case you missed the subtleties. Goat Yoga is so popular you’ll have to put your name on a waiting list with hundreds of other eager goatga (goat+yoga) practitioners. You’ll also have to travel to a farm in Oregon where, as of now, we’re pretty sure it’s the only place you can do it (unless you have a farm with goats, in which case, we’d recommend you step up your Goat Yoga game ASAP, but call it something else because we believe Goat Yoga is now trademarked—no kidding!).

People were going gaga for Goatga back in September when we first reported on it. “It was a huge hit,” No Regrets Farm owner and Goat Yoga founder Lainey Morse said of the first class. And now only a few months later, Morse says there’s a waitlist with over 900 people on it. What’s the draw? “My goats are just very peaceful animals and everyone that comes over leaves stress-free and happy,” she said back in the fall.

And the goat yogis are not shy. “My goats are all very social and friendly so they graze and sit and lie down next to everyone,” Morse says.

Love it. Apparently goats are as smart and snuggly as dogs. And we know pigs are supposedly even smarter than dogs. We say let all the farm animals join in! Could get messy, but so is life, eh? Er…meeehhh. (Look closely at the photo up top to spot the up-dogging cat.)

There’s even Goat Yoga for kids…oh, and children.

Kids and Goats and Yoga | image via Your Daily Goats facebook

Kids and Goats and Yoga | image via Your Daily Goats facebook

The Goat Yoga class seems to have even more meaning for founder Lainey Morse. In an Instagram post from November, Morse wrote: “Just wrapped of a day of shooting with a film crew about my life! It’s about how divorce, disease and sadness got turned around with the power of goat therapy and how Goat Yoga changed my life.”


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  • Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs

    I called PETA and asked the group to investigate this operation. I assume no goats are being sacrificed in Satanic rituals — though it would not surprise me, this being central Oregon, However, confining animals for the purpose of amusing humans 24-7 is potentially quite abusive.

    Somebody needs to look into it and to ask some basic questions about guidelines for the operation. It’s called elementary public oversight. It is symptomatic of this industry’s ethos of collective irresponsibility — and narcissism — that anything goes because after all, it involves yoga

    If these are thoughtful spiritually grounded people they will welcome the scrutiny.

    • Sheila

      It doesn’t say anything about them mauling or even touching these goats. Seriously? There are people being abused, killed, and are homeless every day. A few goats hanging out with some Yogi’s is nothing.

  • Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs

    There are A LOT of potential issues with a goat yoga “petting zoo.” Your contact with goats may be even closer than usual. Children especially are susceptible to infection and illness.

    If you really want to do this — and I don’t recommend it — inquire about the farm’s guidelines (assuming there are any) and take some elementary precautions. You didn’t grow up with these goats on the farm in an organic way and they are not accustomed to you, either.

    Your clothes, your germs, your cosmetics (!) may not be good for the goats AT ALL. You can
    get exposed to e. coli and get very, very sick. It’s not hysteria, it can happen.

    Hand washing stations are de rigeur, but that might not be enough here. I don’t know the guidelines, but there need to be some important ones in place.

    A couple of basic resources —

  • Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs

    By the way, to maximize the healing effect of Goat Yoga you might want to purchase some new Goat Yoga merchandise!

    The head of the Oregon goat farm has teamed up with a clothing manufacturer to sell Goat Yoga Wear. But of course….


    You can get Gold Goat leggings for $96.00! (Shit, I think Lulus are cheaper).

    Check them out!


    What do the goats get? Our enduring companionship I guess….

    Maybe she could set one goat free for every $10,000 she makes?

  • Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs

    Goat Yoga is growing in Arizona. Check out the videos —


    Talk about demeaning animals. Dressing up little baby goats with fake antlers and vests for Xmas? What are these people thinking?

    This is American Yoga. Using tiny creatures as yoga “props.” Then again, a lot of mothers are basically doing the same with their tots, right?


    And a lot of you folks think you’re some kind of cool pagan?
    Are you fucking kidding me?


    In an industry filled with shameless self-serving people, I think this disgusts me more than anything to date…

    Decent people are ashamed to be associated with yoga these days.

    • Aditya

      It makes no sense. they took yoga in other way. Anyone can have the same benefits with their own pet. This is not YOGA. Since last 10 years I am into yoga but can never promote this kind of things.

  • Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs
  • Lori

    Very silly.

  • Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs

    I pushed PETA to release a press statement. It took the group two days. It’s carefully worded
    Here it is:

    “Goat yoga seems harmless enough, unless it encourages the proliferation of goat farms, which invariably slaughter animals when they’re no longer considered cute or productive.
    However, PETA recommends that people do yoga at home with their dogs and cats—and support local farm animal sanctuaries, not animal farms.”

    Catie Cryar, PETA Media Spokesperson, February 1 2017

    I should note that Lainey Morse of Goat Yoga in Oregon already plans to establish “franchises” at two farms in her native Michigan. Farms in New York, Utah and Georgia also plan to establish Goat Yoga this spring.

    Morse also wants to promote Goat Yoga globally. Farms in Canada, Germany, and Spain have expressed an interest. Some of these farms raise chicken, cows and horses. Why limit yourself to goats?

    A foreign film crew recently showed up at her farm to tell her “life story,” including the miracle healing properties of herd goats.

    This may be the best that yoga feminists can do to answer Bikram?

    Pagan Hucksterism!

    Welcome to George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.”

  • Interesting to know about Goat Yoga. You guys are enjoying yoga. Great !!

    • Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs

      Yes, and before long we will come for your goats in India and make you work for us cleaning the pens. Just like in the old days. Are you insane encouraging these yoga zombies from your homeland?

  • Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs


    We are aware of the “goat yoga” movement here in Oregon but we do not have regulatory authority over these types of activities. A number of more severe diarrheal illness and any outbreak of gastrointestinal illness are reportable by law in Oregon and we interview cases about exposure to farm animals, including goats. If there were to be cases of reportable diseases (E coli, Salmonella, Campylobacteriosis, etc) caused by practicing goat yoga we feel confident it would come to our attention. Prior information we had concerning this practice showed pictures of this occurring outside in a field. It is not clear from the photo you sent whether this barn environment has goat feces mingling in with the straw but I would agree that there should be hand-washing facilities as well as educational materials about illness that can be transmitted from goats to humans. Since we do not have any authority over these businesses, we cannot require hand washing stations, educational materials or testing of the animals. If there were to be an outbreak of illness we would be able to investigate in conjunction with the local health jurisdiction and implement some control and prevention measures.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    June Bancroft
    ACDP epidemiologist on call
    Oregon Health Authority

  • Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs

    Goat Yoga now has its own official BEER


    Lainey Morse turned in her sub-optimal marriage — or someone did it for her — for an expansive business vision

    One day she will thank her ex-

    Take heed, ladies


  • Exactly! And sometimes I’m so tired I do;n&8217#t want to even take the two minutes to brush my teeth (but I do, I really do). And definitely, tennis legs are a great motivator (and of course all the physical and mental health benefits you mentioned as well, yeah, yeah) Thanks for reading!

  • Holy Goat, REALLY?

    Hey Spread, I’m kind of dumbfounded here. When first reading your post, I assumed you were being a funny/sarcastic internet troll. (Satanism? REALLY? That’s a pretty big leap & slamming Oregon for no reason – kudos..) But you seem to have actually put a ton of energy into this, if your posts are truly reflecting your actions. Assuming that you are in fact serious… WOW. Just…. WOW.

    First of all PETA? Are you out of your mind to mention PETA and animals in the same sentence? Getting those thugs involved would be worse for the goats than any amount of makeup, perfumes or STD’s that an Oregon Soccer Mom could ever “contaminate” the goats with. They’re nothing but a politically motivated and hypocritical group of murderers.

    Now, I’ll assume you know quite a bit about Yoga, and there is no DOUBT that you’re fantastic at it. (Who wouldn’t be with that rigid stick shoved so far up their pretentious ass? Its got to make Vrksasana and Vasisthasana practically child’s play)

    You obviously know nothing about goats however, so my advice to you would be to actually go out to a goat farm – one where people love their animals as much as this lady clearly does, and take a look at how the goats live, and how they’re treated. Hell – throw up a goFundMe page so we can all donate to your trip to Oregon so you can pass your own judgement on what’s going on up there. I’d love to hear your report after actually being there & see whether you’re still the smug, arrogant, blaming, self-righteous piece of shit after you actually experience a little bit of actually communing with nature vs condemning it from the sidelines.

    Oh, and by the way – some advice – you can probably modify your username here – I don’t think you have anything to fear!! – There’s not a chance in hell that anyone Male OR Female would give one licked shit about what’s between your legs once you open your stupid mouth and start talking.

    Peace and Love – Goaty

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  • Amazing! I’ve never heard of something like this. It sounds like fun!

  • Susan


  • Thanks for sharing, I have never seen this kind of yoga this is an interesting concept. Keep it up!

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  • skrab

    How can we take someone whose handle is “Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs” seriously? The name is meant to offend.

  • Thanks for sharing. I must try goat yoga

  • Amazing! I’ve never heard of something like goat yoga, it sounds funny but after reading the post I got to know about this type of yoga. Its really funny but I want to try it ones. Thanks a lot for this post, even like me many of them are unknown about this type of yoga. May be it will be useful for anyone like you or me. Anyway Thanks for the post.

  • I wish goat yoga had been a big thing in Australia

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