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Artist’s Yoga Illustrations Sweetly Celebrate Body Positivity In Pregnancy

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Body positivity doesn’t end with pregnancy. Having been recently pregnant for those familiar nine months ourselves, this illustrative series from Danish artist Marie Jørgensen speaks especially sweetly to my consistently changing body. In case you missed it, we previously shared Jørgensen’s work challenging the stereotypical “yoga body” or what we’ve been conditioned to believe it is.

In this new series, a collaboration with NYC-based Love Child Yoga, the focus is on pregnant mommas and they’re beautiful curves, bumps and bellies. Jørgensen’s intention is to present “natural and relatable human bodies,” and she does so by illustrating them in their barest form — their birthday suit!

Yes, they’re naked, and what they represent is a beautiful display of honesty and strength.

The full series will be out soon as prints. For now you can enjoy them on instagram where a few poses are animated and narrated by @LoveChildYoga.


yoga-prints-pregnant-lovechild-sukhasana yoga-prints-pregnant-lovechild-stretch3 yoga-prints-pregnant-lovechild-stretch2 yoga-prints-pregnant-lovechild-stretch yoga-prints-pregnant-lovechild-gomukhasana yoga-prints-pregnant-lovechild-downdog
yoga-prints-pregnant-lovechild-chair yoga-prints-pregnant-lovechild-cat yoga-prints-pregnant-lovechild




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