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Harry Potter Yoga Summons The Muggles

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Deathly Hallows Yoga | image via @isabelb12om

Deathly Hallows Yoga | image via @isabelb12om

Yep. Add it to the growing list of themed-yoga classes, Harry Potter is just another distraction. Students show up at a brewery (another hot trend) decked out in HP gear, are treated to a reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and are given a magic wand. Like we said, just anoth….WAIT…a MAGIC WAND??

Yogis have been looking for ways to spice up, or in this case, spirit up their yoga classes and we do believe it’s all in good fun. Sisters Isabel Belran and Ximena Larkin usually hold their Pints & Poses yoga class Sundays at the Circle Brewing Co. (That’s in Austin, naturally. Sorry, Colorado.) When their latest class fell on the day before Halloween and on the anniversary of Lily and James Potter’s death, well of course they had to muggle it up!

Class was made complete with HP-themed poses like Whomping Willow (aka tree pose) and special props like invisibility cloaks (yoga blankets, shhh), oh and snacks and beer! (Not butter beer, the real stuff. It’s a brewery. They’re not Voldemort.) But our favorite part has to be the magic wand, because if there were anything we’d ever said was missing from our yoga practice it would certainly be a magic wand from which to cast magic spells. Levicorpus!

Wizardasana! | image via Alexa Gonzalez

Wizardasana! | image via Alexa Gonzalez

The class was such a hit they’re planning another Harry Potter Yoga for November 20th. Brush up on your wizardry now.

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  • Well, yoga is kind of magical after all! But still, I could totally use a magic wand for everything else! 🙂

  • Waah!! What an idea 🙂 Conducting yoga in harry potter way. Yeah, there are so many harry lovers all over the world and if that mixes with yoga, it’s magical 🙂 let me too try


  • What? This is really cray cray! Yoga is becoming soooo main stream these days, it’s quite amazing to see how it’s progressed.

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