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Still Subjecting Yourself To The Debates? Try Debate Yoga!

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In the event you’re not participating in mindful debate watching *gasp* or getting in some tilt-your-glass-asana (drinking games are BIG this election season) you can try your luck practicing what the Wall Street Journal suggests: debate yoga. Yes, that’s Wall Street Journal recommending yoga for your debate-watching sanity.

In case you can stomach even watching the televised political circus for a third time, “These poses, designed to keep you facing the TV, will help you cope with every interruption, accusation and revelation.” Thank goodness. ‘Take it slowly, and don’t forget to breathe,” they say. Phew.

Our favorite poses:

Anguished Elephant


It’s like cow pose, but you do it any time you hear Donald Trump say “rigged.”

Downward Donkey


Just like cat pose, but it’s for Hillary fans who need to remind themselves people still hate her, too. (We’re paraphrasing.)

They also suggest undecided voters put their heads down and curl up into child’s pose. (Standing strong in mountain or eagle pose feel like much better options to us. Stand up, people!)

We think the poses are a great idea, but you know what we would recommend? DEEP BELLY BREATHS. THE. ENTIRE. TIME. Or try a brief meditation for a nice palate cleanser. Remember, failure is actually success, despite what politics teach us.

It may help you avoid the most popular pose, faceplantasana.




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