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Meditation 101: Failure Is Actually Success

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We love quick, to the point how-to meditation videos. They’re super helpful! Give us some adorable animation to boot and we are happy meditating campers. This cute “Meditation 101” video from Happify isn’t a guided meditation per se but it will help guide you on your way towards a regular meditation practice, especially if you’ve been hesitant to get started or are just not sure what to do.

The video does away with any formalities and presents the practice in three simplified steps that you don’t need any special equipment (or enlightenment!) in order to do.

“This doesn’t require some giant investment,” narrater Dan Harris says and he’s right.

Meditation is difficult and it’s not. You’re breaking your regular (potentially life-long) habit of walking around in a fog—of projecting forward to the future or thinking backward to the past—which does sound pretty tough. But the big trick, if you want to call it a trick, is to keep going. Failure is actually success.

“The whole game is to notice when you’ve gotten lost and to start over. And to start over again. And again. And again.”

Meditating in five to ten minute chunks a day makes it a bit more manageable. Check out the short video below for some inspiration: narrated by Dan Harris, animation by Katy Davis (AKA Gobblynne).



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