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Yoga Alarm App Wakes You Gently, Mercifully

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Waking up is hard sometimes. | image via YogaWakeUp instagram

Waking up is hard sometimes. | image via YogaWakeUp instagram

Wake up to yoga. Literally. A new yoga alarm could change the way we greet the day.

Most alarms get a pretty bad rap — it’s their job to be annoying and disruptive — and no matter what beep bop boop or blaring siren you choose, they’re usually met with some form of ughhh. But for those of us lacking the fortune to wake up every day on our own, alarms are the very necessary, unwelcome morning guest. This new free app, however, is designed to change our wake up experience by getting you yoga-ing before you even get out of bed. It’s called Yoga Wake Up and you set it like any other alarm, but instead of the dreaded beeping or whathaveyou, you get gently nudged into your day with guided meditation exercises and short yoga sequences you can do before wiping the crusties out of your eyes.

Developer Joaquin Brown got the idea in yoga class where the teacher had students lie in savasana before getting moving. “All the while [the teacher] was speaking about being kind to ourselves, to our bodies, to others,” Brown told Allure. “I thought, how wonderful the world would be if everyone woke up like this.”


Adds a whole new meaning to “I woke up like this.”

Before you ask, yes, we thought this would be more sleep-inducing than energizing, too, but you can pick your own wake up call and some are livelier than others. That said, if you’re a deep snoozer and even dancey music doesn’t rouse you from your slumber this may not be for you. Maybe start with the airhorn and follow with a meditation. Grab a can of oxygen and you’re all set for the day.

So the “free” part: yes, the app is free and you do get one free routine but all the others will cost you $.99 each.

What do you think about a yoga wake up app?



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