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Will You Be Watching The Presidential Debate Mindfully?

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The yoga community is mobilizing. Or more accurately, the wellbeing community. If you didn’t think yoga or wellness can get political, you might be surprised by the newest movement to meld practice with politics. CTZNWELL describes itself as “a movement committed to democratizing wellbeing” whereby they are asking wellbe-ers, as it were, to come together “in practice and values” to “get engaged around issues that matter and focus our collective action towards a more healthy society that ensures the wellbeing of all its people.” Yes, that’s broad. But their sister spawn, voteWELL has a little more focus (sort of).

voteWELL wants us all to “stand up and act in the name of love and justice” and “come together and vote our values” to make an impact in this election (though they maintain that they are not pushing one candidate over another, somehow).

Their “call to action toolkit” states their stance:

  • We practice our politics. ​We believe that voting is inside-out. It’s about contemplating what matters, coming together in community and uniting our voices and votes to promote wellbeing for all.
  • It’s not about parties or candidates, it’s about US.​ We’re not here to tell you who to vote for. We’re here to tell you that your vote matters and our collective vote can make a difference for our people and planet.
  • Voting is collective care. ​voteWELL is a community-based approach to voting that affirms the dignity and wellbeing of the whole, not just some.

It’s a call to action. They are asking YOU to mobilize. And they’re doing it with an air of hope, a dash of utopian optimism and free beer.

Tonight is the first presidential debate in this car wreck we call an election and voteWELL will be hosting a rubbernecking…er…Mindful Debate viewing party on the right and left coasts. The NYC party features free drinks and snacks and the looming questions: What makes this debate-watching “mindful”? How can we change the conversation, get educated, and make an impact in this election in our communities?

The event invite taps into our very obvious desperation as U.S. vote-weilding citizens: Do you grapple with the awful choices of watching the Presidential debates at home and getting furious at your TV and feeling hopeless about humanity, OR shutting them off and opting out of a critical moment to show up politically for the sake of the direction of our world?

Now you can get furious together! A discussion is promised post-mindful debate viewing. Beer+2016 politics+wellbe-ers will hopefully not = some mindful socks to the jaw.

More info on the NYC party can be found here (it’s being held in the basement of a Lululemon store, so take that as you will), and the LA party here. Mindfulness starts at 8!

Read more about the seven principles of voteWELL here.



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  • One thing is for sure: it sure won’t be boring. I’ll be watching with great interest!

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  • Wow, first time I know this, I had no idea that we can practice with politics. It’s nice of sharing this. Many thanks

  • That’s great to know that yoga can get even political. Such a useful sharing! Thanks

  • I try to keep a distance from politics, but to engage in it mindfully when I choose to

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