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Mom Stuns Instagram With Breastfeeding Yoga Pics

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breastfeeding-yoga-carleebWe just found out that we’ve got to majorly step up our breastfeeding yoga game. That’s breastfeeding and yoga simultaneously, because timesaver! (Or, you know, because Instagram). This is quite a departure from the breastfeeding mom who originally caused a virtual ruckus with her headstanding/ baby suckling pic that went viral. The ante has been upped.

Instagrammer Carlee Benear is a Texas yogi mom who has taken on the mission of presenting the world with her unabashed breastfeeding yoga practice.

We are perplexed.

A photo posted by Carlee Benear (@carleebyoga) on


A photo posted by Carlee Benear (@carleebyoga) on


A photo posted by Carlee Benear (@carleebyoga) on


A photo posted by Carlee Benear (@carleebyoga) on

Admittedly, maybe a little confused.

This does not look easy. Or practical. And yet there’s something sweet about it, if not opportunistic and gimmicky. The kid seems surprisingly into it. Meanwhile, all the moms struggling with breastfeeding silently weep.

Not all the pictures are of yoga and breastfeeding. Carlee posts a lot of pics loving on her kids and of her own solo practice. But with the breastfeeding yoga pics the message she’s trying to send is certainly A message. We’re all for normalizing breastfeeding, being real with momhood, squeezing in yoga wherever possible and freeing the nipple! Maybe it’s a lot to take in all at once? In any case, it’s given our YD founder something to aim for*

A photo posted by Carlee Benear (@carleebyoga) on

*Nope. – JC

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  • Sarah

    She is phenomenal! She is an excellent mother. She is also just sharing two loves of yoga and her baby girl with her followers (Insta). She is far more advanced in yoga than most. Give her some love!

  • AnnFwV

    At the most: Creative. Don’ tell me you hold your locust variation until baby is happily full…or the crow for longer then a minute. There is nothing zen about the pics. It is more like ‘ quickly pop the baby under my body, pop my nipple in her mouth, shoot the perfect shot and quickly take her out. And as a trained yogi, the quiet look is inst-gram-tly.

    • I was thinking the same regarding the photo op staging as at least one pose looks like it could be dangerous to the child.

    • Mao

      Excuse moi,
      but have you seen the video? Here you only see the photos, but if you will watch her video, they way she is doing it..is amazing!! She is fully on and conscious about her environment/herself/and babe. She sometimes stopes to give a kiss to her babe.

      People!!!! just get the inspiration..or leave the judgements at home. I’m tired of the all fucking world and it’s judgments.. We are not like that. we are all happy actualy to see something new for our eyes!

  • What an incredible photos! I would never thought about combining those two activities together.

  • inanna

    interesting … i have a few of these. however, knowing what i do now about the instability of the postnatal body – yep, that’s just the way it is; no amount of advanced practice or postitive thinking or whatever is going to change that – i feel compelled to point out that these poses are actually really unsafe. sure, not everyone will de-stabilise their hip joints, or si joints if they do this kind of postnatal practice. but some will, and most won’t have know that it has happened until too late. postnatal practice is not sexy or showy, and this just presents another unrealistic, unattainable ideal for new mums to live up to … boring, and dishonest, and doing no one any favours.

    • I have to agree with Inanna that these poses look like there can be damage to the hip joint and sacrum by practicing these extreme body positions postpartum. The hormone relaxin increases during preganancy to allow the pelvic ligaments to loosen for childbirthing. However breastfeeding continues to signal the production of elastin and can make stretching easy while causing hyper-mobility of the joints. I am so pleased Carlee is a wonderful mother who enthusiastically breastfeeds her daughter extreme stretching after childsbirth can lead to serious joint instability and osteoarthritis in time.

  • Jeff

    Just a thought. If you’re in a difficult arm balance hovering over your infant and you lose your balance or your hand slips, what happens then?

  • Salvador

    Me and my husband just adopted baby boy. He’s now 6 months old. We love him so much. It took us 5 years to be where we are now. A long, difficult road, but we did it. When I feed him, I’m with him. Talking to him. Looking at him. Looking in his eyes. Listening to his voice. I’m with him. It’s about him. Not me. In not in an arm stand getting my picture taken. If I could breast feed, I totally would, and not get on Instagram and self promote. I’m sure she’s a great mother, nice person, but when I see this, it makes me think and feel of how many likes she can get and look at me, as to totally being present with her baby and not having to manage muscles and bones in asana and good lighting.

    • inanna

      oh my god, i was literally just thinking about this. you are so better placed to be able to make such an important point. thank you for saying this.

      i have 3 kids and have breastfed them all, for a looong time (still going with 4.5 year old). i feel lots of things about that fact, and of course if you bf like this then it gets intertwined with your formal practice. and while there are always people who think it’s about the mum if you feed over and above the (piss poor) average, for me it’s always been a sacred duty. the same as for you and your son; it’s about the child. and yep, i’m sure this yogini is a good mama and all. breastfeeding needs normalising, too. but it ain’t a sexy instagram prop. it’s about relationship. i can’t see who benefits from this kind of show at all, other than the mother’s ego. for me it shows yet again how the yoga industry (particularly when cross-pollinating with social media) just reduces everything to a product to be consumed, measured with “likes” – a show.

  • John

    Being flexible
    Photographing yoga poses
    Breastfeeding publicly

    She’s breaking a number of taboos, some of them close to the hearts of the yoga police. Do the yoga police judge? Of course they do. what is a true yogi? A true yogi is some one announcing “that’s not yoga” while looking at a photo of some one else doing a yoga pose.

  • Erik

    she looks ridiculous, using her kid as a prop. She is just another narcissist attention h0e looking for validation through IG likes.

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