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Goats And Oms: Now You Can Do Yoga With Goats

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Goat Yoga at No Regrets Farm | photo via @laineyphotos instagram

Old McYogi had a farm…om-ee-om-ee-ooom. There’s yoga with cats, yoga with dogs, even yoga with bunnies and now there’s yoga with goats! It’s actually a bit sweeter than it sounds (though we imagine a little bit smellier, too).

For Lainey Morse, owner of a No Regrets Farm in Oregon, pairing yoga and goats makes perfect sense.

“Goat yoga is a yoga class that is held in the back field at my farm,” Lainey Morse told Modern Farmer. “My goats are all very social and friendly so they graze and sit and lie down next to everyone.”

And that’s no surprise. Did you know scientists say goats can be as clever and loving as dogs?

Official Goat Yoga logo featuring Annie Goatley | via YourDailyGoat facebook

Official Goat Yoga logo featuring Annie Goatley | via YourDailyGoat facebook

Morse is known to open her farm for events such as children’s birthday parties, and it was one fateful party where a parent who happened to be a yoga teacher suggested the yogoat idea. And it turned out to be a good one.

“It was a huge hit,” Morse said. “My goats are just very peaceful animals and everyone that comes over leaves stress-free and happy.”

Yoga on a farm does sound pretty peaceful, though, when asked, the goats found it all to be kind of meeehhh.

“I think it’s really special but I do realize that it makes me look a little crazy,” said Morse. But “that’s okay,” she added. We think it’s ok, too. Of all the yoga combos these days, we’re on board with the  yoga+nature+animal thing.

Oregonians, your next chance to goat your on at the farm is September 10 and September 24. Stay posted via the farm’s goat-loving facebook page.



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  • Heather Davis

    Hi! I am the crazy goat loving yoga teacher who teaches this class! It has been so fun to see the range of responses to Goat Yoga! Lainey and I are loving every minute!

    I also teach classes at Live Well Studio in Corvallis and at the Corvallis Birth and Women’s Health Center. You can follow me on Facebook @BlissBelly!

  • This is a great idea! It makes doing yoga so much different. I love having new experiences when doing yoga and this is one I have not yet tried.

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