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Cat Hilariously Ruins Home Yoga Practice (VIDEO)

in YD News, YogaHaha

kitty-cat-backbend-yoga-failThere are all sorts of reasons cats are known for having the greatest sense of humor of all pets ever, especially when it comes to yoga. For Deb Keller, she just wanted to check out her urdhva dhanurasana practice so she decided to record it. Like all the wise yoga kiboshing kitties of YouTube history, this cat had other plans. And we are so grateful for it because this is hilarious.

Our yogahaha meter is through the roof with this one. Enjoy!

We subtitle this video “That damn cat!” followed by “Cats are the greatest gurus.”



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  • Hahaha! Sab-paw-tage!!!

  • MW

    Cat movie star 🙂

  • Judy

    Cats are most certainly the greatest gurus! At least, my Oona is. I’d say this is a wonderful lesson in ego.

  • This one is hilarious. The same thing happened to me whenever I tried to practise.

  • Tyson Rock

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