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But Are You ULTRA Spiritual? A Yogi’s Guide

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How can you become ultra spiritual? There are so many rules! So many steps on this sacred path. Luckily JP Sears lays it all out for us so that we, too, can achieve our most ultra spiritual selves.

In case you missed it, JP has been delivering his stellar tips on living the ultra spiritual lifestyle for years now through his YouTube videos. (The one on perfecting Instagram yoga photos is a fave.) In his latest golden egg, JP reminds us that it’s not all just tight pants and stretching, it’s about acting the part and pushing your own agenda, while maintaining your spiritual superiority.

“Practice a delightfully condescending attitude. Delightful on the outside and condescending on the inside.” Yep, sounds like the road to samadhi!

His deadpan delivery is the best.

(This particular video is essentially a commercial for a clothing company so put that lump of irony in your organic, fair trade, shade-grown, single origin coffee and stir it.)



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  • I love JP! He always makes me laugh (and reflect).

    • JP is one of my favorite youtubers! He always has the funniest videos giving me a great laugh

  • Very nicely said 🙂 Apart from all discussed, I feel by constantly listening to our inner voice also makes us spiritual. We need to calm down our mind to do so.


  • Hilarious! JP is the only YouTuber I’m subscribed to. He always makes the funniest videos, yet there’s always a grain of truth to what he’s saying. It’s nice to laugh and learn at the same time. 🙂

  • Nice! I just came across your video about yoga and it was so funny. I will subscribe to your Youtube channel.
    Hope to watch your new video.

  • I don’t think I want to become ultra spiritual. A little spiritual is just fine with me

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