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Namasdrake Is Your New Yoga Hip-Hop Mashup Class

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image via namasdrake iinstagram

image via namasdrake instagram

A DJ, a hip-hop star and a yogi walk into a nightclub. Welcome to the era of Namasdrake a yoga Drake-themed yoga class where “Hotline Bling” is just another name for the dopest new yoga pose on instagram. We have to say, these themed yoga classes always crack us up. From raging to emojis to Voga, gimmicks are always interesting, if not a sign of shark jumpasana.

The Namasdrake classes are held in a nightclub (naturally) in LA (of course) and are followed by an “epic post-yoga afterparty” as Elite Daily put it (because obvs).

Namasdrake is the product of DJ and event promoter T.J. Petracca collaborating with fellow DJ and yoga instructor Paul Schneider to create a hipster yoga heaven to the tune of “Big Rings.” Apparently Drake was the perfect musical artist because he’s known as the “sensitive” rapper, or whatever.

“He’s so sensitive,” Schneider told the LA Times, “but at the same time has these really hard hip-hop songs…it’s like the yin and yang of yoga.”

Exactly, bro. Sorry, are we being facetious? Not to poo-poo on the Namasdrakers, we can see how themed classes can be fun and something different. This class in particular is like a breath of fresh stale alcohol-and-sweat-soaked nightclub air complete with a clever name and “namasdranks” to top it off.

The LA Times has a class recap.



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