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Kitten Yoga At Its Cutest

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kitty-yoga-classCats are fascinating and fickle creatures. They’re also adorable and hilarious. Are they yogis? You decide!

Along with cat cafes, kitty yoga has become a recent popular trend as a way for shelter cats to interact with humans and potentially find their forever homes from Vancouver to NYC. But much like cats in general, there’s really no knowing what you’re going to get when you bring a bunch of cats into a yoga space (or yoga into a cat’s space) — some kitties might be shy, while others find you as a human-sized yoga-practicing jungle gym/scratch pad. Then again, it’s the perfect opportunity to practice your letting go of expectations!

This cute video shot at NYC’s Meow Parlour helps demonstrate just that. (via Verywell)

This Is Cat Yoga

Yoga with cats and kittens? You bet! Get all the health benefits and make some adorable new friends.

Posted by Verywell on Thursday, July 21, 2016

Video difficulties? Watch here.

Have you ever done yoga with cats? Let us know how it went.

Ours goes a little something like this:

From our kitty savasana to yours.


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  • Cat yoga sounds amazing! I have always loved how supple cats are and how they can melt into the environment like ghosts or liquids.

  • I do think this is a great way to help promote cat adoption and raise awareness that there are lots of loving cats out there looking for loving homes. I haven’t yet done yoga with cats at a studio event, however, at home I do end up finding myself having to do modified versions of poses to accommodate the cat (or cats) on my mat. Whenever I lay my mat out on the floor, they come running. It’s obviously for them! >^..^<

  • This sounds interesting! My sister loves cats so much and she’ll be happy to know about it. I’m a bit different, I like cats but yoga with them seems a bit hard. But maybe I’ll try someday, who knows.

  • So adorable! A great way to bring more positivity to the yoga experience

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