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Abuse, Trauma, And Healing Through Yoga: J. Brown Talks With Anneke Lucas, Founder Of Liberation Prison Yoga

in YD News

anneke-lucasAnneke Lucas is a survivor. When she was six years old, she was sold into a child sex-trafficking ring. By age 12, she had witnessed and experienced what you hope no one would ever have to in their entire life time. In a recent episode of his podcast series, J. Brown talks with Lucas about her trauma-filled past, her healing process, and how that led to founding Liberation Prison Yoga, an organization offering trauma-informed yoga and meditation classes at multiple prisons and detention centers around the NY area. They also touch on the very relevant subject of power (and the abuse of) in yoga, the Jivamukti scandal, and how we can do better to create safer spaces and better support for survivors of trauma and abuse.

Listen below.

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