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Solstice Yoga In Times Square Time-lapse From Above (And What It’s Like On The Ground)

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Little ants on pink mats! Traffic and people speed past on either side as a group of yogis pause for poses. This time-lapse video of Solstice Yoga in Time Square might give you the best perspective of “mind over madness” — the event’s permanent slogan. The visuals come from one of the Times Square EarthCams, of which there are several, peering into the lives of the hustling, bustling New Yorkers on a daily basis like Big Brother on a perch. But it’s neat to see the collective yoga from a pigeon’s eye view (with some added scaffolding, lest we get too swept up in the marvelousness).

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Bonus: If you were curious what the whole yoga in Times Square experience is like, allow vlogger BrookSAUCE to take you along on her journey of wide-eyed wonderment, free swag, free samples, oh, and yeah, some yoga, too.



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