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Solstice Yoga In Times Square 2016 Is A Wrap! Here’s A Photo Recap

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solstice-yoga-2016-selfieOh, Solstice Yoga in Times Square! You came, you saw, you yoga’d. You soaked your feet into your bright pink branded yoga mats and quenched your thirst with sponsored berry smoothies. You saluted the sun, snapped your selfies and had an all around grand old time welcoming in the summer season.

It was a perfect summer day yesterday for the 14th annual Solstice Yoga in Times Square. By the looks of things, the yoga area was much smaller this year, so no reports of over 11,000 yogis like previous years, but organizers say they “anticipate returning to a much larger capacity in 2017.” So you can sweat with everyone else next time! Also noticeably missing was the link to International Yoga Day they were so gung-ho about last year.

If you missed out on the (mind over) madness or want to relive it, check out our photo recap below.


It was still dark when the first class of the day began at 5:30am. 


Co-founders Douglass Stewart and Tim Tompkins both taught classes and emceed this year.


Savasana in Times Square — when the sound of traffic fades into the sound of your breath (though, to be clear, it’s pretty tough to hear your own breath in all that traffic).


So much pink. But not as much as you’d think.


Renamed skyscraper pose.


Midday sun and midday heat for Bikram class.


Yogis doing lion pose, or the face you make when just miss the train. (photo: Sydney Narvaez)


America. (photo: Lyda Blank)


America, Part 2. (photo @sergiospain)


Time for a phone break!


Pics or it didn’t happen.


The video seems to be missing for Elena Brower’s class but there appears to be enough photographic evidence that it did indeed happen.


“OH-MMM! ‪#‎SolsticeTSq‬ yogis are going BERRY wild over @DunkinDonuts Wildberry Smoothie at the Yoga Village in ‪#‎TimesSquare‬ today.” — actual caption from @TimesSquareNYC, because what says solstice yoga more than Dunkin Donuts?


A rogue yogi finds a spot all her own.


Shhhh…we’re meditating on pink smoothies. JK. 

Happy Solstice 2016!

all photos: Amy Hart for Times Square Alliance, except where noted.



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  • That will be an awesome yoga session, I wish could there.

  • sounds like you all had great day that’s really awesome i like your spirit toward YOGA
    keep healthy guys

  • Nice experience you all guys had. Feels happy by reading your experience. Live healthy.

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