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Kids Try Yoga For The First Time And Speak (Freely) For All Of Us

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“OOHHH YEAHH! Booyah! Bing bing bing!” might be our favorite answer ever to the question, “Are you ready to try yoga?” These kids trying yoga for the first time is probably a lot like your first time trying yoga: hilarious, awkward, and at times downright outrageous. You want me to put what where? AND breathe? Except with kids it’s even better because they don’t have a filter and will say pretty much anything they’re thinking. And for this we are grateful, because not only do kids sometimes speak our minds, they are highly entertaining while doing it.

The video is part of a Buzzfeed series, like a “Kids Say The Darndest Things” for the digital age. And boy do they. The kid in the jeans, who’s only done “Mom Yoga” before, is our honorary spirit animal.

“Every second is like Mayhem!”

Never give up, buddy.



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  • k4k

    Absolutely wonderful! Two possible job opportunities for these kids: yoga teacher or stand-up comedian.

  • I am definitely not a yoga teacher for kids! Bless those who are!

  • These kids are so adorable. Yoga with comedy may be the next level of Yoga.

  • Completely superb! Two conceivable openings for work for these children: yoga instructor or stand-up humorist.

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