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Tom Hanks On Yoga: ‘It’s The Greatest Thing You Can Ever Do’

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From the mouth of America’s sweetheart, Tom Hanks, a declaration of love for his yoga practice! In fact, the peas to our carrots says since he started doing yoga he has no aches and pains to complain about.

“I don’t even have aches and pains, because I started stretching,” Hanks told the host of British morning show Lorraine on Monday. “I started doing the yoga, it’s the greatest thing you can ever do.”

You heard him! Hanks, who will tun 60 in July and was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, joins the ranks of many other silver sages taking on the practice of yoga to stay healthy in body and mind through the changes of aging. But despite the hip-ness of yoga, especially for seniors, and especially in Hollywood, telling people you do yoga is still not that cool, according to our old pal Woody, who would know a thing or two about needing to stay mobile.

Apparently, yoga still has an emasculating woo-woo stigma? So he calls it something else and does his practice his own way.

“You don’t want to go, you know, (too new age-y). You don’t want to put on yoga pants and burn incense and have wind chime music while you’re doing it,” he said. “I just turn on the radio really loud and, you know, count it out. I view it as glorified sit-ups, that’s what I say. Because when you said, ‘Oh, I do yoga now’, they automatically go, ‘Oh and are you reading Siddhartha?’ No, so I say ‘I did my glorified sit-ups this morning’ and then they think you’re He-Man!”

Wait, Iron Man does yoga. Isn’t that cool enough? Whatever you need to do, man! We also think Forrest, here, is being a little tongue-in-cheek. Everybody knows a lot of yoga you’ll find is hardly like that these days. At all.

Yoga’s like a box of chocolates…

In any case, right on, friend. Good for you. We can’t wait to see your next glorified dress rehearsal on the big screen.





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  • Yoga is for every BODY! Maybe he will find out that the new age-y stuff helps the brain!

  • Love it.

  • VQ2

    Parting ways with another diabetic. This condition is THAT serious! Cardio is my main healer, my redeemer and my saving grace. By far. Done with painful joints, I do what I can do. Many times mixing it with activities of daily life. Yoga must be back-burner for most Type 2s …. it must!

  • Pretty cool considering I never thought about Yoga helping with diabetes. I tried Yoga for the first time ever last week and I have felt more mindful all week. Definitely excited to keep it going- I will be checking back on this blog for more info 🙂

  • It’s like doing yoga is the way yo grt some blood flowing into all those nooks and crannies where stiffness and pain hide. I’m in my third year of 4xweek pratice and the journey is certainly transformative for a 41 year old. Powerful stuff and kudos to Hanks for being so open.

  • Morgan Montague

    He recently took up Transcendental Meditation as well. He was talking with Jerry Seinfeld who tipped off that it had very helpful for him for many decades.

  • What do you know?

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