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Don’t Mess With Moms And Their Yoga Pants — The Yoga Pants Rap

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Yogis may love their yoga pants, but we’re starting to think moms might love them even more, if this mom’s yoga pants rap is any indication. Sure, we need another yoga rap like we need, well, another yoga rapper, but as far as yoga raps go, it’s pretty snappy. Yes, of course it’s still super corny, it’s a mom rap! About yoga pants!

From mommy vlogger and parody-maker Deva Dalporto, we learn that moms just want to be comfy, and not worry about mac and cheese being smeared all over their pants. We hear you, Deva. And we know there are plenty of moms out there with stacks of black yoga pants as backup.

Yoga pants ruining women and fashion? Moms will have none of that. Yoga pants are bona fide stress relievers, after all. Not sure we can say the same thing about this rap. Oh, we kid the mommies!

If you’re really vibing with this jam and want to add it to your mommy yoga pants playlist, you’re in luck. The track is available on Spotify and iTunes.



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  • Thanks for the love of our silly mom rap. We DO love our yoga pants!!! Now if I could just get mine to yoga class I’d be in business.

  • It is silly but true! Thanks for giving some of us (who didn’t have yoga pants) a memory and a giggle. You’ll get back to the studio.Kids/family are definitely #1 priority!!!

  • Wow, so funny and interesting video. Yoga pants are very convenient, especially for moms. Thanks for a posting Erin.

  • Very funny!

  • The information you share is very interesting.

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