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How To Perfect Yoga Photos For Instagram And Risk Your Life Doing It!

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jp-sears-instagramThe Ultra Spiritual JP Sears is back with another yoga lampooning. This time he’s ready for his closeup, Mr. Instagram! And he’s got some tips for you, too.

“The three most important things in my life are God, my family, and my Instagram account. And not necessarily in that order,” JP shares in a moment of truth.

In “Ultra Spiritual Life episode 34” we are privy to the grueling process of capturing the perfect yogi moments worthy of Instagram status. Is the photographer capturing the shocking strength of his kundalini? The radiance of his vibes? Is the jagged rock life-threatening enough for a yoga photo?

Let the beacon of hilarity demonstrate how to enhance the boring mundaneness of nature at the risk of your life for the perfect shot, with the perfect abs, with the perfect outfit.




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  • Dwayne

    Sorta funny, but it’s too much like shooting fish in a barrel to get mega-laughs.

  • I have enjoyed watching J.P.’s video offerings. Hope he continues!

  • Hey YD,
    Thanks for the JP’s video, very impressive.

  • Ah hah! This explains it!
    I follow tons of Yoga folks on Instagram and every morning I see a slew of amazing Yoga photos. And all of them seem to be of pretty awesome quality. So I was wondering how they connected – how they learned to do all of that. And now I see that there are articles, posts and videos on just that. 🙂

  • Leslie

    Uncomfortably hysterical!

  • There’s a word for this. A very funny word. But right now I’m laughing too hard to remember what it is…

  • oh, this is amazing he is looking so funny, but all the photos are looking so professional. I will sure try this.

  • The title was so funny! However, it is indeed a interesting post. JP is awesome!

  • ahmed

    Great photos gonna try these

    Wanted to become handsome hunk? Check below article

  • People are so often competing on Instagram, I’m not sure it’s healthy

  • Mar Illos

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