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YogaDork Giveaway: Win A Copy Of ‘Yoga For Healthy Feet’

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yoga-healthy-feetAs modern humans we often put our feet through some medieval torture. Shoes, for example. And even though they’re at the bottom of our bodies and we may hardly glance in their direction, our feet are pretty key to our overall health and well-being. And this is why we find it paramount to keep our tootsies in tip-top shape! And why we’re excited to be sharing this latest offering from Rodmell Press with you, our dear readers: Yoga for Healthy Feet by Donald Moyer.

In Yoga For Healthy Feet you will learn about the anatomy and architecture of the feet and ankles, principles for aligning and balancing the feet, and of course some tips on how to address common problems like foot cramps. bunions and plantar fasciitis from a yoga perspective. There are suggested poses and practice sequences to alleviate discomfort and improve your overall foot health so you can stand taller, stronger and ouch-free.

WIN: We’re giving away THREE copies of Yoga for Healthy Feet by Donald Moyer, courtesy of Rodmell Press.

TO ENTER: Our feet are made for walking! As our connection to the earth, they also help keep us grounded—literally. To enter, share with us your favorite standing pose that helps you feel grounded. Alternatively, share with us a standing pose that you don’t like that throws you off balance! We can learn from both, eh?

Please note: Apologies to our foreign friends, this giveaway is open to US residents, only.

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Giveaway will remain open until 11:59pm Tuesday, April 19. Winners will be chosen at ransom and announced soon after. Good luck!

UPDATE: Congrats to Angie, Audrey Wood, and Terra Leigh Bell! Thanks to all for entering. You’re grounded! 😉


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  • Regan

    I am pretty new to yoga so many of the poses I attempt are slightly clumsy and I often feel unbalanced. My favorite poses are mountain pose and warrior pose because when I do them I feel strong and confident! I feel sturdy! I would love to read this book and learn more! Thank you for this giveaway!

  • Dwayne

    Standing postures are very difficult for me due to old ankle injuries. Because of this, I got away from “like/dislike” toward them and managed to develop an “equanimity”. That said, I feel somewhat grounded in ardha baddha padmottanasana (some standing elements + a forward fold) and less steady in Warrior III and natarajasana.

  • Ellen M O'Connor

    I love pyramid pose for grounding.

  • I love a wide stance forward fold. I feel like not only am I getting a good stretch, but also a bit of the benefits of an inversion. I find chair pose challenging and not my favorite.

  • Mandi

    Tree pose always makes me feel grounded. As I stand on one leg my attention to balance gives me the image of roots reaching down into the earth.

  • Laura Poulette

    I love how grounded I feel in Tadasana!

  • Rebecca

    Balance poses make me feel grounded…tree, dancer, warrior 3…love them all!

  • Audrey Wood

    Cliché as it is mountain pose will forever be my ultimate grounding pose. The lift on the front body while the back body anchors you to the earth is such a lovely feeling. I have issues with my chair poses though, they make my whole body shake

  • Hannah Ewing

    Being in tadasana is that space for grounding down, whether on or off the mat.
    The basics are beautiful.

  • Amanda

    My favorite standing pose is Tadasana especially at the end of my yoga morning practice to feel the groundedness in my feet before going to work. I’m still improving my Chair Pose, gotta ground my feet more so I can stay in the pose longer.

  • VQ2

    My most grounding pose is tadasana, but with my foot problems I have trouble with both vrksasana and two of the anjaneyasana variations, due to both flat feet with plantar fasciitis pain; and inflexible ankles. Balance and hip flexibility are uneven on both sides. The solution is NOT to avoid grounding poses, because those are the bulk of my practice. Fundamentally, I believe, it is better to have your head in the clouds, if your feet are firmly on the ground, first 😉 !

  • Mary Goulter

    Trikonasana <3
    I tend not to think in terms of "favourites", but I have to say, trikonasana one of my favourite poses of any category. The strength in the legs, and energy through the feet, allows for a great expression through the spine and chest (plus you get a twist, always glorious!). Mmmm!

  • Rosaland Harris

    My favorite pose is Tree because even though I’m 5’0 in size, this pose makes me feel taller in stature. I feel grounded when my foot is standing on the mat as well as mindful when I focus on a point on the wall.

  • Anju Virick

    After 20 years of practice many things have changed but 2 things have not. I love Virabhadrasana 2. It allows for openness and power at the same time and I hate (strong word but the right one) Garudasana. I always feel smushed and “off’ in this asana. I know, it’s not the asana it’s me!

  • Mandy

    Any of the standing balances I love for that feeling of all the little activations going on in your feet. However, probably my favourite pose for feeling really grounded would have to be malasana, I love feeling low down to the earth and making that connection. The deep squat makes you sink deeply into your feet and connect with Mother Earth.

  • Chandra

    Tree & mountain poses always help me feel grounded.

  • Kris

    Love Triangle Pose and squat for feeling grounded. Hate twisted side angle pose – I struggle to stay balanced.

  • KimS

    I feel strong and tall in mountain pose. Warrior pose with my left foot forward is difficult for me because my right leg is shorter than my left–so I can’t get a planted back foot.

  • Tree pose is my favorite standing pose. I feel incredibly grounded and aligned. Half moon is probably my least favorite. It’s a struggle to find my balance and keep steadiness in my mind.

  • Alison Cardenas

    My favorite and least favorite standing pose is dancer. This pose is always a challenge for me, even during the times when I don’t fall out of it. But I also love this pose because I can really see growth as I continue my yoga practice, and each time is really so different for me in this pose.

  • Ariel Stranger

    Prasarita Padottanasana B….I love how it requires full engagement of my feet to allow my spine to spill over towards the ground completely relaxed. Without the solid foundation of my active feet, I would feel unsteady. It really helps to remind me how being grounded allows for ease of movement.

  • marty

    Born with Flat Feet I’ve always been balance challenged. My arches have developed – some – with yoga but I still rock’n roll from side to side like some kind of boat in a storm! I’ll be as stable as a tree by the time I’m 80…. always something to look forward to in a Yoga practice!

  • Keri Stewart

    My favorite standing pose is mountain pose. My least favorite is chair pose. It’s uncomfortable and it makes me grumpy! : )

  • Hello my names JENNIFER LINDA, i am very fat, even can’t write my weight here. my husband never go out with me, I think he feels embrace. People says yoga can helps in weight loss but i am heavy and unable to practice these type of exercises. please advice me what should i do?

  • Pelle

    Trikonasana is great for working the feet and the spirals of the legs to feel really grounded.

  • Stacey

    Ardha chandrasana is a challenge for me, I love the pose and feel grounded until I look upwards!
    I have been practicing with my gaze at the floor but try to look up every now and then to grow and improve my balance.

  • Jackie M

    I love goddess pose! It stretches my hips and uses my leg muscles just right to wear them out (in a good way). ‘Least favorite’ is an interesting way to put it, but I’d have to go with Warrior I. Only because I go through phases…sometimes I love doing it, and other days I just don’t want to.

  • Michelle

    Warrior II is my favorite pose for feeling grounded. I am connected to the earth with my feet, and I feel strong and alive.

  • digamba

    Side angle, with the back foot really grounded. I feel like a happy, mutant tree.

  • utahyogini

    In the spirit of mindful communication, let’s say “random” instead of “ransom,” okay?
    Typos happen.


  • Sarah

    I find virabhadrasana B to be super grounding – it makes me feel strong and stable. I have pretty bad bunions, but have found that spending more time barefoot and stretching my feet through a regular asana practice has really helped.

  • I LOVE how much Tree Pose both grounds and centers me. I can almost feel my brain slowing down as I stand in it. I also love that I’ve learned to laugh when I’m having a wobbly day and can’t seem to stay in the posture.

    Separate Arms Balancing Stick, though I keep working at it, is very challenging. I still haven’t managed to not fall out of it!

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  • Tree & mountain poses always help me to feel prouder.

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