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Rage Yoga Becomes Latest Trend To Let It All F**king Go

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As oxymoronic as it sounds, we keep hearing more about rage yoga, and every time we do, this is what we picture:

The Power Of The Mind!


So. OK. We’ll bite. A very rage-less bite. Tell us, what is Rage Yoga?

[reyj yoh-guh] noun: a practice involving stretching, positional exercises and bad humor, with the goal of attaining good health and to become zen as f*ck.

Hm. OK. We appreciate bad humor. Zen AF—the new way of saying follow your bliss? This definition is pulled from what we assume is the official (patent pending?) Rage Yoga website. Combining expletives, loud music and a full-on vent session through asana, Rage Yoga is becoming the hottest new alt yoga practice. How did all this fester into a ball of yogic fury?

Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine

Rage Yoga founder Lindsay Istace went through a really bad breakup and found that all the fuming and cussing helped her cut loose on the mat.

“I was really hurt, confused and angry…” Istace told Self magazine. “Breakups tend to do that to people! My hurt feelings really began to come out on the mat and suddenly I found myself screaming and swearing a lot during my practice time. At first it seemed crazy but I found that combining the emotional release with my routines really helped!”

Istace, a trained contortionist and proud foul-mouther, offers her classes twice a week at a pub (naturally) in Calgary, Canada. According to the website, she received her yoga credits via an online training from the devil-horned yogapreneur herself, Sadie Nardini. So, you know, rock n roll and what not \m/

As far as raging on the yoga mat, we get it. What a release. There are other yoga studios and teachers forgoing the yin for the yang, and trends like Death Metal Yoga shedding light on our dark side, so to speak. But we have to wonder what teaching, or even attending, that type of class on a regular basis does to your emotional state—would it start to have the opposite effect? In any case, the appeal is there. Especially these days.

Rage Yoga. For when you can’t even.

(This video actually makes it seem way tamer than described. And more beertastic.)



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  • dave

    Do we want to feed our disorders. Or try to heal them?

  • C

    The narration in that video is so hilariously college-radio monotone.

  • Heal them.

  • Big Om Daddy

    I’m think of starting a Guns N Yoga class at the shooting range. We can pose in asanas and shoot at the same time.

  • paly

    no rage in the video, just hanging out in a basement with booze and pretense of wit. kids these days!

    • VQ2

      I could get behind the “wit” part, pretense or none … yoga is so asocial that I don’t mind the allowance of conversation; assuming that the rest of the practice does not force talking just to keep the students in emotional solidarity in the face of the “mighty, fierce, to-be-feared teacher-guru”.

      Booze on the other hand; um, I’ve been a teetotaler for a long time now (medical problems – not A.A.) … never have needed booze, in any great measure, to loosen up. But I’m cool in every measure with the drinking.

  • This is laughable. It is just a gimmick and a sham.

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