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Introducing YogaDork Teacher Training — Just $9.99 — Act Fast!

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We’re on the edge of our mats here. It is with ultimate samadhi we can finally unveil to you our greatest contribution to the yoga community yet.

Have you been thinking about yoga teacher training? Need to brush up on your asanas and pranayamas? Want to be inspired and unleash your badass rock star self to your full expression? Have 24 hours and less than it costs to buy an acai smoothie at the juice counter?

Then this is for YOU!*


We know, you’re tired of all those long hours of classes for YTT. We live in a virtual world, why waste our time fumbling around in the physical one?

Is this you?

Is this you?

In our special YD Yoga Teacher Training you’ll learn the ins and outs of yoga in just 24 hrs! How? It’s all in our patent pending method of inspirational meme and emoji-cation technology (we’ll also be launching a yogi emoji petition soon—it’s only right!).  AND it’s the first time Siri and Alexa will combine efforts for your yogafication!

Fast-paced training that’s convenient for you!

• No textbooks!

In fact, no books at all! Why get bogged down with the hassle of reading books? ALL material comes in the form of inspirational memes and emojis by text, email and Snapchat! Live in the moment like never before!

• Continuing ed!

When training’s over we won’t leave you lying flat in savasana. Our continuing emoji-cation program will continue to send you educational emojis and inspirational messages once a day for the rest of your life!

• Let your inner rock star shine! 

Ready to unleash your badass self? Now’s the time. Who says you can’t be a kick ass yoga teacher in 24 hours? Who says transformation doesn’t happen overnight? Not us!



Apply in the next 2 minutes and receive super exclusive access to our super express 24-hour yoga cleanse! Based on the ancient ayurvedic elements earth, wind and fire, it’s our most exciting power-packed fast-acting DETOX cleanse there is available for ULTIMATE transformation! (Dirt and air not included.)


We’re limited to just 35,000 applicants!


This could be you.

This could be you.



*Note: You will not actually receive any real training. April Fools! Also, you probably wouldn’t receive any real students either, and if you did, heaven help them. If you’d like to become a yoga teacher, we recommend at least 200hrs of yoga teacher training and getting LOTS of experience, the more the better. 

Also, the above paypal button is real. You will not receive this YD teacher training but you will receive YD stickers for any donation you make to keep this site sustainable. Thank you! 😉

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