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Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Near-Perfect Peacock-Posing Prime Minister

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News

justin-trudeau-yoga-peacock As if you weren’t already crushing on Canada’s near-perfect Prime minister, this photo of Justin Trudeau practicing mayurasana (peacock pose) on an assembly room table, no less, is enough to give you the steams, or at least double check that your passport’s valid. Should we be surprised by this young buck’s (moose’s?) agility and skill? His wife, First Lady Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, also happens to be a yoga teacher so it’s likely they even practice together. Maybe they even met at yoga class?? OK, now we’re dreaming. Why this pic from 2013 is suddenly resurfacing is unknown—blame it on the political circus currently playing out in the U.S.? But, really, is anyone complaining? Here’s the original, so far as we know.

By the way, have you tried mayurasana? Not an easy pose, but an impressive one to pull out at a party, or a government function, apparently. Don’t worry, he’s also a yogi of the people and can bark up a mean tree pose, too.

Canadian Prime Minister and his | photo credit: Andre Forget/QMI Agency

Canadian Prime Minister and his vrksasana | photo credit: Andre Forget/QMI Agency

Bonus: The maple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Here’s Justin Trudeau’s father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau taking the same pose years before, via Refinery29.


Meanwhile, candidates for president of the United States are busy making jokes and ruffling feathers, in a different way. We’ll miss you, Obamas.



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  • karima

    we all need to be surrounded by great people who inspire us, illuminate our daily boring routine and repaint smile on our tired faces
    It’s not about wealth or status
    All is about inspiring!

  • dave

    Let’s see what this politician has been up to.

    “UN tells Trudeau government – human rights are not optional”

    “The hypocrisy has to stop’: Protesters urge Trudeau government to rethink $15-billion Saudi arms sale”

    “Independent investigation demanded after native women in Val-d’Or allegedly abused at hands of police. They say officers routinely picked up women… Some allege they were physically assaulted or made to perform sex acts.”

    Type them into your search and see what happens. If you wish to look further it never ends.

  • Lots of agility and skill in yoga – to whatever level one is comfortable with, which is very empowering

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