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Miley Cyrus: ‘Gotta Do Yoga For My Mind’

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She’s certainly made some interesting choices in her life, but being yogadorks, we’d have to say taking on the practice of yoga has been one of her best. Say what you will about the eccentric pop star, the liberal tongue-wagger, a mini Stevie Nicks sprinkled with pixies dust, Miley Cyrus is definitely a unique and outspoken individual who also happens to be very body-positive, and we can’t help but love her for that. Although that’s not the only reason she practices yoga.

Perhaps an odd poster child for yoga (or maybe the perfect one?) Miley recently shared a series of videos featuring her at-home Ashtanga practice on Instagram.

“Gotta do yoga not for my body but for my mind! DO YOGA or GO CRAZY,” the 23-year-old captioned one of the videos. Hey, we’ve been there.

Gotta do yoga not for my body but for my mind! DO YOGA or GO CRAZY!

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starting da day right A video posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Miley’s been a yoga practitioner for years. A gal’s got to stay grounded, you know? Especially with all these flying cats and dogs. (This one’s our fave.) She’s also a vegan and staunch animal rights supporter.

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  • Ricki Coughlan

    At least some of what you call “interesting choices” may be a reflection of Miley’s non-binary gender expression. Gender is not a choice. Gender is the expression of a biological reality. In the early stages of our development in the womb our natal sex is formed, mostly by our chromosomes. Some weeks later, in a separate process, the architecture of our brains which will shape our sense of gender, or gender identity, is formed by hormonal and chemical actions. It’s frequently not a perfect match but sometimes, around 4% of times, it is of such a variance that we have what is called a transgender person. Some trans people find that their gender is the opposite of their natal sex, some find that it is in between, some don’t have a sense of gender at all and some have a sense of shifting gender or gender fluidity. For most people, cis gender people, there is no real sense of this because our gender matches our genitalia, we are who we are and we get on with life. For those who are transgender, it’s a struggle and enormous suffering on so many levels can be the result. It’s certainly not a choice.

  • Miley is my idol. With all the noise and harassment from the press and INternet, glad she found yoga a peaceful place to go.

  • We all bring something different to the mat

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