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YD Deal: Save 15% On Yogi Surprise Monthly Subscription Box

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Everyone loves a special delivery. When that special delivery arrives at your door full of wellness goodies every month without fail…that’s a real treat. Actually, Yogi Surprise likes to fancy themselves a “retreat in a box” and we have to say, while it’s not exactly like strolling along the white sands of Bora Bora, it comes pretty close to helping you imagine it in your mind when you meditate on your “happy place.”

What’s cool about Yogi Surprise is that each month you get to try things you may not have had the opportunity to before, a majority of them full-size products, like healing teas, organic snacks, healthy treats, essential oils, yoga props and handcrafted meditation accessories. It’s sort of like a monthly care package designed for your wellbeing and serene respite from the every day.

YD DEAL: Use code “GOODNESS” to get 15% off for life! Or you can just use this link: yogisurprise.com/goodness. There’s also free shipping!

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