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Canada’s New First Lady Is A Yoga Teacher

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News
Canadian Prime Minister and his | photo credit: Andre Forget/QMI Agency

Canadian Prime Minister and his (maple?) tree pose. | photo credit: Andre Forget/QMI Agency

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Prime Minister practices yoga. This photo is not new, but if you’re just learning that Canada’s Prime Minister is the fresh-faced Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party, and husband to the multi-lingual, yoga teaching, women’s rights advocate Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, then now you know. And with today’s volitical (that’s violent and political) climate in the U.S. you’re probably now depressed and/or filing for a Canadian visa.

With a pivotal election looming, we share this image as an article of contrast and hope. While we have GOP candidates trying to make an extra buck banking off of yoga (a joke, really), we need this sort of uplifting imagery to remind us all that hope, albeit slipping through the cracks, is not lost.

Sophie Gregoire giving a presentation in 2013. | phot credit: Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

Sophie Gregoire giving a presentation in 2013. | phot credit: Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

Canada’s First Lady Gregoire-Trudeau is actually a yoga teacher, having done her 200 hr training in 2012, and been a practitioner for years prior. (By the way, she’s a lot more than a yoga teacher, but for obvious reasons we’re especially excited about this bit.)

As she told feminist site Pure Vision, yoga brings her a feeling of peace and union:

“I also get inspired a lot from my yoga practice. I think that it brings me to that little person inside of me that’s the same as in everyone else. As yoga philosophy mentions, that person is in a continuous state of gratitude and peace…a person that’s both male and female — the perfect balance between the two.”

Gregoire-Trudeau credits yoga for changing her life and is passionate about sharing it with others. As she told Montreal Families:

“The meditation and physical practice of yoga (hatha) are ways to deeply connect with yourself and be in the present. It has changed my life. It takes discipline, openness and vulnerability to be able to grow as a human being, to face your flaws and to embrace your inner beauty.

I have met some incredible people through yoga classes and workshops. Because yoga made me feel so peaceful inside, I decided to take my teacher training (200 hours) so I could share it with others. Millions of people practice worldwide and the numbers are still on the rise. There is a reason for that. Yoga is not only a practice and a passing along of great sacred teachings, but also a social movement for more human goodness, compassion and peace. The world needs more of it.

I strongly encourage people to try it. It doesn’t matter if you are not physically fit because you don’t have to be “good” at it. All that matters is that you try and take the time to connect with yourself. It should be taught in schools just like any other subject. Our children could benefit from quiet time, more introspection mixed with the fun and adventurous exploration of what your body (and mind) can do.”

Oh, Canada. We can taste your fresh maple syrup and progressive, forward-thinking ideals now.




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  • Hi,
    Such a great way for our leaders to stay grounded and embrace the mind/body connection. Another reason we connect so well with Canadians in Australia!

  • Sarah

    I’m a proud Canadian, and am so happy to see Sophie featured on YD 🙂 I didn’t realize she only became a yoga teacher in 2012 – very cool!

    Namast’eh 🙂

  • Yoga and politics just do not mix, so let us Not be deceived by politicians and/or wives and what yogic practice they claim and/or announce they do. Yoga is an inner journey and this Is the Kali Yuga, not the era when we can trust those on an outward journey mission especially in political arena. We should honor and always remember those saints and sages who brought us the science of yoga ,and nøt get distracted into admiring,worshiping or emulating politicians of any caste,color,creed, or political system. Om Shantih.

  • VQ2

    Feelin’ the bern here. And it ain’t really from the yoga (although I did feel the muscles which are not used to it (obvs) get a reaction.) There are times when we must not care if Bernie or Jane do yoga (or even talk about it) and just #goforit.
    By that I don’t mean move to Canada!

  • dave

    I live in Canada and I am ashamed to call myself Canadian.
    Canada has a good public relations appearance with the rest of the world for human rights. And there were times in past when Canada deserved that.
    Times change.
    Type ‘Quebec police raping teenage girls’ into your search. And then change the province Quebec to every other province in Canada and search again. It’s not just one or 2 bad individuals. It is entire departments covering it up for their buddies.
    Type ‘Canadian violation of human rights’ into your search.
    “He noted it was almost unbelievable that the UN committee felt compelled to raise these sorts of concerns with Canada. Sir Nigel highlighted research by the Voices coalition, which pointed to astonishing levels of fear and intimidation felt by Canadian activists and civil society groups”
    It is hard to believe how bad this is until you see it and experience it.
    I have been sent threatening letters from government lawyers. I return some very unyogic responses. And then publicly publish their letters. The little government weasles… I know and I am capable of defended my rights but many others aren’t.
    Trudeau knows about all the things that are going on and is quite happy to not only cover it up but perpetuate it as well.

  • Hiromi Levy

    This is ammmmmmazing. I’m going to share this on my FB wall. Thank you xoxoxo

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