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Actress Bernadette Peters On Meditation: ‘Wellness Is Mind First’

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bernadette peters

Can we just start by saying we love…lurrve…<3 Bernadette Peters? She’s a fab actress and singer, and she oozes that magical star quality and classy old time Hollywood glamour not easily found these days. On top of this, she’s a staunch supporter of Broadway and is co-founder of a charity event called Broadway Barks to raise funds and promote the adoption of shelter animals. Our love stems from the first film we saw her in – the original 1982 musical classic, Annie. (Carol Burnett, Albert Finney and Tim Curry are also in it – Netflix it!)

Annnie-way…to hear that she meditates just makes us love her more.

In a recent interview with The Cut, Peters was asked about her biggest wellness struggle (isn’t that what everyone wants to know about these days?). Peters shared that exercising every day is tough for her, but she aways feels better after doing it. AND she’s trying to meditate every day, too.

“I’m trying to get into the habit of meditating every day also,” she said. For that she used to use a tape, but now she’s flying solo.

“Now I do it on my own; I do have an app, but I haven’t used it,” she told The Cut. “I believe anything that quiets you and focuses you is going to help you and help you through the day.”

She’s been inspired by her friends (also extraordinary actors, probably).

“I have a friend who does TM and he meditates twice a day and his whole personality has changed. He used to be so impatient: “Let’s get out of here, let’s go!” and now he’s much more patient, open, hears you when you talk. And for myself I do it when I work, always. You’re just more available to what you’re thinking, and calmer,” Peters said.

TM is Transcendental Meditation in case you didn’t catch that. Could it be David Lynch she’s talking about?

We love how Peters describes what wellness means to her:

“It’s a feeling of, first of all, peacefulness. Contentment. I think first it begins in your emotions, in the mind. It begins there, and then it goes into the physicality of taking care of your body and exercising,” she said.

And her wellness advice? She boils it down:

“Wellness is mind first: meditating. Then body: exercising and being aware of what you’re eating. And a dog is good to have around.”

Furry friend or down dog, we say.

For fun, enjoy a stroll down “Easy Street” aka Nostalgia Lane.



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  • You forgot her great hair!!! Love it!

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  • Sam

    Nice Post,
    And I Completely agree with the fact that, Meditation provides you the inner peace, stable mind, and thought power.

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