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Ted Cruz Yoga Mat? Rubio, Cruz Turn Yoga Joke Into Moneymaking Op

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They started a joke which started the whole yoga world crying.

Republican candidates are trying to make bank off their yoga moment — both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio immediately started selling yoga products on their official website stores to raise funds for their respective campaigns after Thursday night’s GOP debate.

Because nothing says union like having a politician’s name on your yoga mat!

Thursday night’s GOP debate proved to be the regular cage match we’ve grown used to until…Cruz sarcastically implored Trump to “breathe” serving up Rubio an opportunity to deliver his own one-two punchlines.

The comedy act went like this:

“When they’re done with the yoga, can I answer a question?” asked Rubio.

“You cannot. I really hope that we don’t see yoga on this stage,” Cruz replied.

“Well he’s very flexible, so you never know,” zinged Rubio, referring to Trump’s stances on certain (all?) topics.

The joke went over so well, both Cruz and Rubio decided to capitalize on it by selling yoga products in their stores.

Introducing…the Ted Cruz yoga mat! For your contribution of just $35 this politically-infused sticky mat could be yours. Pre-orders being accepted now.

Ted Cruz yoga mat via tedcruz.org

Ted Cruz yoga mat via tedcruz.org

The irony, oh, the irony. Doesn’t Cruz know some of his evangelical constituents consider yoga the devil’s work?

And then there’s Rubio, whose tongue-in-cheek comment churned out a cheeky bait and switch. His campaign put up #DumpTrump yoga pants for $10, but the catch? You don’t actually get the pants (see the note at the bottom of the description). Stop pulling our leggings, man.


And the yoga pants primary was neck and neck, but we have to give this one to Cruz for pulling out the win, if you want to call it that. It shall be noted that Trump is not currently selling any yoga merchandise in his store, which is both a shock and a relief.



When Yoga Becomes A Punchline At The GOP Debate

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