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Julia Child’s Home Is Being Turned Into A Culinary Yoga Retreat

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“La Pitchoune,” Julia Child’s home in France | image via facebook.com/RevivingJulia

Yogis and foodies rejoice. Julia Child’s home in France is being turned into a cooking and yoga retreat. Known as La Pitchoune, aka La Peetch, the home was built by Child and her husband in the 60s in the Provencal village of Plascassier. From 1993 to 2015 La Peetch was used as a culinary school called ‘Cooking with Friends in France.’ Recently up for sale, life coach Makenna Johnston saw her opportunity to scoop it up and continue its long tradition as a cooking school…with a nice dollop of yoga.

Johnston says she was moved after the Paris attacks and thought about how Julia Child may have responded.

“I started thinking about how Julia Child was a total peacenik. She worked for the government, and the best word from back then is she was very democratic. She was very involved in improving communities through food,” Johnston told Boston Magazine.

As such, La Peetch will reopen as “a cooking retreat with excursions in yoga.” It “will be a home base for a center on culinary exploration, peace, and community,” Johnston said.

This is all very ironic as Julia Child famously hated health food, but the art of cooking sure can be rather meditative and zen-like. Maybe don’t expect the raw food, green juice experience, unless you like it with a side of butter and bacon.

La Pitchoune will open to the public in Spring 2016.


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  • Oh Julia, I miss you!

  • Jan

    Uh, Julia Childs was a spy during WWII. Common knowlege. So was Cary Grant.

  • I knew that Julia had served as a spy during the war. Not sure what your comment meant. I still admire her and miss her influence in the world..

  • Dwayne

    I’m OK with it as long as she spied for the Allies. Had she spied for the Axis, I would lose respect.

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