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Top Super Bowl Yoga Ad Moments

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Well, that was certainly a Super Bowl. Spoiler alert: congrats to the winning team, the Denver Broncos! As usual we were on the lookout for the yoga (between Puppy and Kitten Bowl action) and we found it, sometimes in the oddest of places — the ads. All in all, it’s no Om-ing Jeff Bridges but a pretty good YogaPop run for Super Bowl 50. When you have 100 million people watching a football game and recent stats say approximately 36 million are practicing yoga in the US, those are some decent odds that you’ll get a football/yoga fan crossover and ad creatives know it.

Here are this year’s Top 4 Super Bowl Yoga Ad Moments.

4. Michelob Ultra “Breathe”

Some of you caught our pre-bowl post about the Michelob Ultra “Breathe” ad. Here it is in all its glory. Remember: Breathe responsibly.

3. Advil “Distant Memory”

Besides the odd ‘breathing while selling things to drink’ combo, now we’ve got the awkward ‘take a pill for your yoga pain’ pairing. Here’s the Advil ad featuring people doing things that would apparently would cause them pain otherwise (?)

Tagline: “Advil makes pain a distant memory.”

Not feeling that so much (pun intended). Still we love ourselves some Bette Calman, who we first posted about 7 years ago! Did we mention she has a facebook page and has been teaching for over 50 years?

2. Toyota Prius “The Longest Chase”

Next up, the Toyota Prius bank robbery ad…the money line: “Did you fall asleep?” “No I was meditating.”

1. Snickers “Marilyn”

Not explicitly yoga-related unless you love candy bars before or after (during?) your practice, but it’s probably our favorite spot. AND it features Willem Dafoe as Marilyn Monroe—two yogis! Willem is a longtime Ashtangi and Marilyn famously learned her yoga from Indra Devi in 1950s Hollywood.

Did we miss any? 

Bonus video: NTDTV spotlight on Bette Calman from a few years ago. She is a gem!




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  • I really dig the Toyota Prius’s “The Longest Chase” commercial. They have a great marketing team!

  • I just think that Advil “Distant Memory” Commercial is also great!

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