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Beer Company Gets Yoga ‘Breathe’-y In Super Bowl Ad

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The moment we know you’ve all been waiting for…Super Bowl ads are here! Already hopping on the yoga boat is none other than Michelob Ultra in their new ad spot called “Breathe.” Yeah, we were wondering wth ourselves, but as a low-cal light beer, they’ve always tried to appeal to the young “fit” crowd with their commercials. Too bad the brew is likely made with creepy GMO additives, anyway.

In “Breathe” (which has already been viewed over 1.6 million times on YouTube over the past 3 days…wha?) you see lots of the fitness-y types, yes, you guessed it, breathing. Of course yoga must be included – 36 million people practice it in the US! Also, there’s a lot of breathing in yoga, don’t you know. Though we’re somewhat confused as to why breathing is associated with something you drink – remember, don’t do them at the same time!

And the tagline is “brewed for those who go the extra mile.” Is yoga comparable to weightlifting, running and giving birth? Assuming that’s what the lady at the end of the ad is doing. (She’s probably not, but it looks like it.)

Side note: Because we’re yogadorks, we do appreciate that almost the whole ad is exhales, but they were thoughtful enough to give cobra an inhale.

How many ads will be yoga themed this year? We’ll have to wait and see! Remember this one from last year with Om-y Jeff Bridges?

In the meantime, breathe responsibly.



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