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‘OITNB’ Star Yael Stone Teaches Yoga To Former Inmates In Real Life

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Yael Stone as inmate Lorna Morello on Orange Is The New Black | image via Netflix

Yael Stone as inmate Lorna Morello on Orange Is The New Black | image via Netflix

You may know her as the meticulously coiffed hopeless romantic inmate Lorna Morello on Orange Is the New Black, but maybe what you didn’t know was actress Yael Stone spends time offset teaching yoga and meditation to those who have been incarcerated in real life.

Stone, who is a trained yoga teacher, volunteers with Liberation Prison Yoga, a NYC-based organization that brings trauma-conscious yoga programs to prisons and jails.

“I’m not a lawyer, which is probably what would be most useful,” Stone told Buzzfeed. “But something I can offer is yoga.”

Because of the show’s filming schedule Stone doesn’t teach at prisons like the other LPY teachers. Instead she leads a regular class at a NYC shelter for women who have been released from prison.

Yoga is part of her own daily routine, too. “Without yoga, New York City would have definitely made me crazy by now!” she told Self in 2014. We know the feeling, sister.

“The physical practice can have a side effect of giving you a strong body, but I think self-knowledge, patience, joy and acceptance are at the heart of yoga,” Stone said.

We have to wonder if she teaches on the OITNB set, too… or if Yoga Jones retains that special honor.

(Fans of the show would know that Litchfield Penitentiary has their own in-house yoga class, led by Yogi Jones.)

Interesting fact: Stone doesn’t really have that amazing Brooklyn accent her character has on the show – she’s actually Australian!



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