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First Look At ‘Yoga Hosers’ Kevin Smith’s New Yoga Superhero Movie

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Yoga Hosers, Kevin Smith’s quirky horror yoga superhero comedy just had its debut at Sundance. Sadly, we were not there to see it, but we did hear there were evil Nazi bratwurst sausages called “bratzis” the leading ladies have to fend off with their monster-squashing yoga skills.

Yep. Not only is this a real movie, the stars happen to be Smith’s own daughter Harley Quinn Smith and Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp. The two play teenagers both named Colleen who work in a convenience store called Eh-2-Zed and pass the time kibitzing about pop culture and fighting evil meats with warrior twos — sort of a nod to Smith’s 1994 cult fave Clerks meets Superbad meets Scott Pilgrim meets a horror comedy. And yoga. And Nazi sausages, we guess?

The film revolves around the gals’ invitation to a cool-kid high school party and all is going well….UNTIL! evil bratzis ruin all the fun. It’s yoga to the rescue thanks to Justin Long’s energetic yoga-teaching character. And Johnny Depp, who plays Guy LaPointe, a reprisal of his Montreal man-hunter character in Smith’s Tusk.

Early reviews haven’t been great with Consequence of Sound giving it a D+, describing it as “a hangout movie about a pair of BFFs who want to do yoga, post pictures on the internet, and never be apart from their phones or each other, ever.” So, essentially, a slacker movie made for millennials. With yoga. And Nazi sausages. But mostly it’s a Kevin Smith movie. And if you like Kevin Smith and his movies and especially his podcast from which this film was born, you’d probably want to see this. We just want to see it because it sounds like a nerdy, ridiculous spectacle. And we kind of can’t look away from a yoga superhero plot, even if it does turn out terrible.

We’ll soon find out if/when the film gets distribution. For now we get this little clip and can let our imagination fill in the rest.



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