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New World Record Set For Most Dogs Doing Yoga

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Alt. title: Humans twist and contort their dogs and call it yoga but it’s adorable and sweet so nobody minds.

In case you missed it, 270 dogs and their humans yoga’d together in Hong Kong to break a world record. People love breaking world records with yoga, don’t they?

Via the Daily Mail:

The world’s biggest dog yoga class was led by renowned doga teacher and South African canine lover Suzette Ackermann. For half an hour, 270 owners practised by massaging, twisting and stretching their four-legged friends in to a variety of yoga poses, along with the odd bark here and there naturally.

“I feel really, really good. It’s kind of a really close relationship with my dog. I like it,” said Susan Chan who participated with her dog Sunshine.


While “doga” hasn’t exactly taken off in the U.S.  – unless you count them interrupting your own practice – there are some dedicated practitioners. The last world record was held by a group of dogis in San Diego who dogi’d with 265 pups setting the world record in 2015. This new record is yet to be deemed official, but so far the math adds up. Not sure anything else does. But, hey, if you want to down dog with your dog, we won’t bark about it.




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  • Love this…2 of my favorite things – yoga and dogs!

  • S.

    At what point did the dogs’ purusha merge with Ishvara? How was it measured? Musta been in dog years.

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