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New High-Tech Yoga Pants Zap You In The Asana

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nadi-yoga-pantsSometimes we think our yoga pants have a mind of their own, but this is a whole other story. Meet the next innovation in yoga tech – yoga pants that guide your ass-ana.

They look like any old fancy yoga pants, but oh no, they are so much fancier. These pants send you “vibrations” to help you correct your form, in real time while your’e practicing. See ya later, yoga instructor! (We’re kidding. Sort of. All of these new whosiwhatsits are making it ever more convenient for us to ditch human interaction all together!)


Recently unveiled at CES, the specially designed line of tights caters to the yogi that aims to perfect his/her craft. Using haptic vibrations, the yoga pants help to correct the wearer’s form. With different frequencies and intensities, the vibrations guide the wearer through not only their positions but also their overall goals. Users can set these goals—and track their progress—with the help of an app. The vibrations happen in real time as the wearer changes movements.

Wearables are definitely the new frontier in tech – ie. Apple watch, Fitbit, Lumo Lift – and yoga pants that buzz at you when your butt is sticking out in trikonasana just seems like the natural next step, right? If we were all experts of our own alignment this might be perfect. We’re not.

The pants are part of  clothing line called Nadi created by a company called Wearable Inventions whose mission is, no surprise, to mashup fashion and technology. Each item they create they hope will be an “untapped resource that, together with technology, can help people stay more connected and use their fashion in a more practical way,” their website says. Stay more connected to what? Sorry, we’re being crotchety olds right now.

Anyway, it’s neat, that technology. We’re just not sure we’re ready for a whole new meaning to your pants getting up and walking around by themselves.

One thing we do think might be helpful is healthy sitting and posture reminders. “As a lifestyle product, Nadi not only acts as that guide, but also integrates into your everyday life ­ reminding you of something as simple as uncrossing your legs while sitting down,” says Billie Whitehouse, co-­founder and CEO of Wearable Experiments. (People are starting to understand we wear our yoga pants ALL the time.)

Or we could just try to be more conscious in our own habits. Tomato, TO-MAH-TO (said in robot voice).



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  • Allie Stewart

    Haha, so you just get zapped until you get in the correct position? I need to get me some of those! Yoga pants for me have always been more about comfort than revealing, or controlling my movements. If i’m going to spend money on an athletic outfit I want it to look cute to me, and feel great. That’s why I have always stuck with Airabella Active I get both, and no zapping haha!

  • this maybe the next ‘in’ thing. but i believe the suits by Athos are much better. They feed live data of the muscles being worked out into your mobile phone! better than being zapped

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