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YD Year In Review: Top 7 Yoga Funnies Of 2015

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From funny new web series to helpful fart lessons to kitties interrupting yoga practice there was lots to laugh about last year, and thank Hanuman for that!

Here’s our list of Top Yoga Funnies of 2015. Enjoy!


1. When Yogis Have A One-Night Stand – First Video Clip from New Satirical Series ‘Blissed Out’

So awkward! We loved this first clip from what we hope will become a full-fledged series.


2. How To Fart In Yoga Class

Definitely one of the top informative posts of the year. Hilarious and practical!


3. ‘F*ck That’ Meditation Is No BS

Also practical and funny and surprisingly f*@king effective.


4. New Dark Comedy Exposes ‘Underbelly’ Of The Yoga World

Namaste, bitches. That’s all we need to say.


5. Woman Does Yoga By Ocean, Ocean Has Other Ideas (VIDEO)

Er…sometimes your yoga selfies are just not meant to be. The posing yogi had to go with the flow…literally!


6. Super Chill Cat Not Impressed By Your Silly Human Yoga (VIDEO)

And then sometimes it’s our furry friends who are not OK with you stealing the spotlight. This kitty is NOT impressed.


7. Introducing the Dreaded and Hilarious Mashup of CrossFit Yoga (VIDEO)

Of course, the year’s round up wouldn’t be complete without this hilarious and silly mash up yoga and the super popular, yet, couldn’t be more different CrossFit. New trend for 2016? We’ll see!



YD Year In Review: Top Yoga Stories Of 2015

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