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YogaDork Giveaway: Win 3 Months Of Yogi Surprise Box Delivered To Your Door

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The latest in our YD Holiday Giveaway series!


It’s no surprise subscription boxes are all the rage lately. They’re fun, they’re exciting, and they show up at your door like Santa took a special trip every month just for you. But what we like about them (besides the exciting delivery part) is that you get to try things you may not have had the opportunity to before. In the case of the Yogi Surprise box, this involves goodies like healing tea, healthy snacks, yummy treats, essential oils, yoga props and meditation accessories. And now, surprise! it’s our latest holiday giveaway.

If you’ve never experienced the shimmer of glee across your face when the special box arrives in the mail…now’s your chance.

WIN: We’re giving away one 3-month subscription to Yogi Surprise lifestyle boxes. Samples as well as full-size products are included. Get an idea of previous boxes here.

Note: This giveaway is limited to U.S. only.

TO ENTER: IT. IS. haiku time. It’s been way too long. We know the holidays are a great time to turn inwards because there’s so much going on outwards. Thanks to yoga and meditation, we have a little more help with that. Since it’s the end of the year, and the beginning of a new one, we’re taking this into reflection/intention territory. But let’s go outside the box, er…so to speak. Turn on your haiku-itude and share with us how your yoga practice has allowed you the time or space (or both, continuum?) for “you” moments in the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle. (Alternatively, you can get specific for reflections or intentions if that is helpful to you!) Reminder: haikus are three line poems with the first line 5 syllables, second line 7 and the third line 5 again.

Here’s ours:

Paper and wrapping
shiny, pretty, protective
undone with practice

Giveaway will remain open until 11:59pm Tuesday, January 5th. A winner will be announced soon after. Good luck!

Update: Congrats to our winner…Candice Clemens! Thank you all for sharing your wonderful haikus…stay tuned for a post of the collection <3

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  • infinitely me
    without tether to weather
    sit. behold movement

    • Kimberly

      Quiet, inner peace
      Sanctuary, inside deep
      Gentle flow, move, breathe

  • Sabine

    Moving, un-thinking
    Flowing away in the now
    Coming home to me

  • Famccallum

    Shop, wrap, share & eat
    Squeeze every visit in
    Stop, breathe, sweat & be

  • Darelynn

    Rolling out of bed
    Surya Namaskara
    Let the day begin

  • Caitlin Poirier

    A silent winter
    I cozy down in my nook
    And I dream away

  • Gail

    Breathing and being
    Listening to my heartbeat
    Appreciating life

  • Busy reminder:
    Some quiet moments create
    joyful happiness

  • Kelly

    Small children coughing.
    Viparita karani
    Helps me care for them.

  • AJ

    Bliss flow helps shape me
    Supported by family
    Stronger and calming

  • MLD

    Yoga time for me
    allowing me to be free
    brings tranquility.

  • Abigail

    Feet on mat, full heart
    My deep breathing, listening soul
    Whispers be here now

  • Cold still air surrounds
    Going inward,feeling peace
    With movement, breath or sitting

  • Meg

    You’d think with the snow
    The world would all be still. Nope.
    WE must make stillness.

  • karen

    It is dark outside.
    Practicing by candle light,
    I start the morning.

  • Holidays of joy
    Chaturanga arms warp toys
    Food fun balance life

  • Holidays of joy
    Chaturanga arms wrap toys
    Food fun balance life

  • Dina

    Holiday lights glow
    Intentions for joy and peace
    Jolly namaste

  • Kim Breimeier

    Yoga changed my life
    I am barefoot and balanced
    Always turning in.

  • karina wright

    World spins around me
    Yoga calms, soothes, recharges
    My light is shining

  • Morgan

    the joyous season
    when overly stretched i stretch
    i bend to unwind

  • Johanna

    Lead me to stillness
    Through the fluid asanas
    Shanti Namaste

  • The holiday rush
    Does not control me because
    I stop time with breath

  • Stacey

    Taking a breath now
    Connecting with the still point
    Mind becomes quiet

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    Enjoying present
    Right now is all that we have
    Be thankful always

  • Keri

    My shoulders unclench
    as I breathe in, I breathe out
    Finally, I am

  • Megan Quackenbush

    Upside downward dog,
    Carols, meditate, shop, pose,
    Season of love, peace.

  • Dustin Smith

    In the outside night
    The stars shine brightly above
    Music softly rings

  • Kathryn C

    The whole Universe
    is in me, and realized
    through deep ujjayi.

  • Cassandra

    it makes me happy
    yogi surprise love yourself
    live in gratitude

  • Mary

    breathe, in out in out
    yoga gives me so much strength
    sigh, shavasana

  • Sapphire

    College finals done.
    Yoga helps to decompress.
    Finally me time.

  • Festive vibes run high
    Spiraling to the countdown
    I follow the breath

  • Jan

    Morning lift aglow
    stretch, heal, better now today
    fresh, new beginning

  • Embodied without.
    Enlightened within. The Soul
    Unfurls wings, and flies.

  • Alison

    set an intention
    breathe, calmness, mediation
    find love for yourself

  • Mary

    “Entwine your arms like
    two reuniting lovers.”
    Teacher makes me smile.

  • Wrapped, warmly in love.
    Family and friends kept close.
    Fasten with a bow.

  • Elise

    So many fun guests
    Family, friends, and a pet
    Breathe, stretch, go inside

  • Dorian

    With patience and ease
    Receive sensations that flow
    As the gifts they are

  • Noelle

    Ready to learn
    Begin to grow and love
    To know my full self

  • Breathe in, breathe out; watch
    the full moon shine over sea.
    My heart, just as full.

  • BendYogini

    Short and cold the day
    Sync breath and movement
    Find balance and play

  • Loren

    Inhale the future
    Exhale to let the year go
    Embrace the present

  • Lee Levitt

    A cup of warm chai
    Perfumes the air around me
    Loosely tied hair falls

  • Misty

    My autistic son
    Keeps our holidays buzzing
    Namaste me, PLEASE!

  • Lana

    The sun shines longer
    We call winter a retreat
    It answers with storms

  • Liz

    Inhaling brings peace
    Exhaling lets go, release
    Feel it, the moment

  • nicole

    speeding and dark world
    just needs to slow down, listen
    so, unroll the mat

  • Jennifer

    baby is asleep
    time for me to get release
    cat, cow, breathing deep

  • Hannah

    I am half asleep
    Breath awakens my body
    As the sky turns pink

  • Parties aplenty
    Energy flowing outward
    Focus for self care

  • elissa

    Work school family life
    Breath is the only haven
    Calming the blizzard

  • Mary

    I am the center:
    Smooth, while the ripples travel
    Radiating peace.

  • Rong

    Thinking and enjoying
    Breathing to the butt
    Life is good

  • Lauren

    Small moments of calm
    Mindful, relaxed and serene
    meditation soothes

  • Marah

    In our abundance
    we remember those without.
    Sincere gratitude.

  • Matt

    These are the true gifts:
    Health, Peace. Let my family
    return to the mat.

  • Howard

    When the holidays
    overwhelm, causing clinging,
    come back to your breath.

  • Jeffrey Litchford

    Lotus pose at dawn.
    When my child wakes, excited,
    I’ll be ready.

  • The Lady Amalthea

    Sharp winds and dark skies
    Our shala is safe, bright, warm
    All are welcome here

  • Judith

    Taking a deep breath
    Opening my mind and eyes
    To all those near me

  • Aaron

    Peacock harem pants
    Immortality and Love
    Pose and make my wish

  • Courtney Miller

    Earth turns rhythmically
    As I adapt and gain balance
    I’m grounded and calm

  • M Singer

    Soul upward lifting
    Breathe releasing joyfully
    Free to love myself

  • Julie Dickson

    Shining, Singing, Joy
    Is not a package or gift.
    It’s found inside our practice.

  • Charlene Gary

    Play time with the dogs
    Lots of napping and breathing
    We are all present

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