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YD Deal: Take 10% Off Three Minute Egg Yoga Prop Starter Kits

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Not all yoga props are created equal. You have blocks (or bricks) and now you have eggs. No it’s not Easter, or breakfast. That’s egg-shaped yoga blocks from Three Minute Egg and they’re the ergonomic alternative to your common rectangle, aka the One-Stop Yoga Prop. Made out of a patented 100% biodegradable foam and 100% Made in the USA, the Egg comes in two sizes and three densities (soft, medium, hard-boiled) making it a unique combo of support in restorative postures complimenting our natural curves as well as precision in standing and balancing poses. You’ve heard about them and now’s your opportunity to try them! To see the Eggs in action, check out the videos.

YD DEAL: Take 10% off any Three Minute Egg Starter Kit with code YD15. Each kit comes with a super helpful Special Edition Alignment & Flow DVD to get you started and used to using your egg. (Offer expires January 31, 2016.)

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