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Hannah And Her Mom Do Acro Yoga In New Season Of ‘Girls’

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becky-ann-bakerWhat says mother-daughter bonding like a little acro yoga? Fans of Lena Dunham’s hit show Girls will get a chance to see Hannah Horvath and her mom Loreen, played by Becky Ann Baker, pair up for some high-flying feats of acrobatic yoga partnering in order to work through some issues. Balancing on each other’s limbs is one way to get closer.

“Hannah and I go to a wonderful weekend away to kind of work on our issues, and I got to do this thing called acro yoga,” Baker told Vulture. “Literally, you’re being raised on someone’s feet. They’re flipping you around, this person who knows what they’re doing, and at times your shoulders are on their feet, and at times your hips are on their feet. By the end of it, you feel like you’ve done a chiropractic session and a yoga session.”

You might be wondering why acro yoga. Remember this?


And this?


Lena Dunham posted a couple of pics of her acro yoga to instagram earlier this year, and apparently she’s a real life fan.

“It turns out that Lena has been doing it in L.A.,” Baker said. “It’s a very L.A. thing. And I have to say, when they first presented it to me, I was terrified. But it ended up being amazing.”

You can witness the amazingness for yourself when Season 5 starts up February 21.



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