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Russell Simmons Calls Out Lululemon For Animal Cruelty Over Goose Down

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The unfortunate fate of many geese for their down. | image via animalaustralia.org

The unfortunate fate of many geese for their down. | image via animalaustralia.org

Lululemon is in hot water again. This time it’s for alleged animal cruelty in relation to their use of down – aka goose feathers. Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons has joined PETA in a plea to get lulu to stop using the bird feathers in their jackets and vests, and to use synthetics instead.

Simmons penned a letter to lulu CEO Laurent Potdevin asking him to reconsider the use of down in the spirit of ahimsa, non-harming, and refraining from animal cruelty.


Simmons, an avid yoga practitioner, stated that while he is a customer and “lululemon is one of my favorite places to shop” he was “disappointed…to learn that some of your brand’s outerwear contains down feathers” he wrote in his letter. “On behalf of my friends at PETA and your many compassionate customers, I encourage lululemon to switch to cruelty-free synthetics instead,” he continued.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process of obtaining down, and you happen to own a down comforter or down jacket, you might want to start looking for alternatives now because we’re sorry to say that many geese are violently killed or plucked alive for their feathers.

While lululemon defends their products “claiming that its down does not come from birds who have been plucked while they are still alive or violently force-fed for foie gras” as stated on the PETA site, the problem is there isn’t an easy way to track from where the feathers are supplied, so who really knows how they’re obtained.

lululemon down jacket

lululemon down jacket

In their efforts to stop lulu’s sale of down, PETA has started an online petition in which they argue, “Selling down is inconsistent with Lululemon’s promotion of compassion and environmental stewardship.”

If you agree that lulu should stop selling products with down you can add your signature to the 93,000+ here.

Read Russell Simmons’ full letter here.




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