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When Yogis Have A One-Night Stand – First Video Clip from New Satirical Series ‘Blissed Out’

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Awkward! Yoga IRL is not always peace, love, and birds of paradise. For instance, sometimes chakras are aligned a little too well between teacher and student, if you know what we mean, and lines are crossed. This new digital series takes a Girls-esque approach to the adventures of yoga teaching, yoga practicing and the yoga that maybe goes a little too far.

From filmmaker Casey Gates,”Blissed Out” is a satirical view of what it’s like to be a modern yogi trying to balance modern living with ancient practices and all the hiccups, materialism and shallow superficiality that may come with it along the way. It’s East meets West meets LA. (No offense, LA.)

“So far, I’ve only seen the yoga community depicted in goofy and farcical ways,” Says Gates. “I’m much more interested in a thoughtful, wide-ranging, and nuanced exploration of alternative spirituality in modern America, including some of the dark yet humorous aspects of this world. There are stories to be told outside of the airhead-new-age-hippies. The series will introduce high-power corporate leaders visiting sweat lodges, Bel Air housewives chanting Om, and middle school students in Compton being led through meditation.”

Still in production, we have the first video short to share with you. It’s the first scene of a longer pilot episode that we can only describe as: How yogis have one-night stands. And it’s super cringeworthy as they try to yogaspeak their way out of the awkwardness! Check it out below.

And heads up: “Blissed Out” creator and filmmaker Casey Gates is still looking for distribution to shoot the rest of the series. We don’t know about you but we’d like to see more. Contact her if interested! caseygatescreative@gmail.com



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  • Makes me glad to be a older, married yogi.

  • elizabeth

    feel sad

  • Big Om Daddy

    Will this series explain how yoga instructors who make close to minimum wage can afford to go to yoga retreats and festivals all over the world and post pics of themselves doing handstand on a boat under the title of “Abundance”?

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  • Amazing!!

    Jen! I’m so happy you’re on this planet.


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