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Yoga Boom Brings $11 Billion Yoga Mat Boom…And Counting

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yoga-matsIn the market for a yoga mat? You and 20 million other people, apparently! As more Americans focus on wellness and health-consciousness, even more are beginning to practice yoga. According to the Yoga Journal report, it’s actually 20.4 million these days, up from 15.8 million yoga practitioners in 2008. Naturally, this rings super positive for the yoga market, which is now at the $30 billion mark (billion!) and $80 billion globally.  If you happen to be in the yoga mat biz, you are in some mighty good luck because apparently it’s doing exceedingly well, too, and it’s expected to jump even more. According to market research company Technavio, the North American yoga and exercise mat biz is expected to climb from a current $11 billion to $14.03 billion in 2020. That’s a lot of yoga mats. For comparison, sales of athleisure clothing, including yoga pants, generated $35 billion last year – an all-time high – making up 17% of the entire American clothing market, according to market research firm NPD Group.

image via Technavia

image via Technavio

While the U.S. can claim the majority of the sales, a whopping 72%, it’s our friends in the Great White North with the fastest growth. Canadians are buying up those yoga mats like they’re going out of style.

image via Technavio

image via Technavio

According to the report, a lot of this growth in Canada is attributed to health-friendly government initiatives and incentives like the children’s fitness tax credit policy where citizens can claim up to $500 per child sixteen and under registered in a prescribed physical activity program. All of this may be less than surprising, what with every kind of yoga mat you could ever dream of available now. Scented ones, sentient ones, ones that roll, ones made from slimy algae. It’s probably one of the most innovative and certainly creative sectors of the growing yoga biz. —— More

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    After Obama and the next GOP president bombs ISIS into oblivion, there should be plenty of fresh landfill space in Iraq and Syria to get rid of all these yoga mats?

    I went 10+ years using two used green rubber mats and my glorified PJs for pants. It was a horrible fashion statement, and what’s worse, I wasn’t being a very good American, not insisting on a high-end superfluous consumer product that I could exclusively purchase and possess

    Recycling? How archaic. Ahmisa…..Hell, not in my studio. Namastayaway!!

    I have become convinced — and the evidence is pretty overwhelming, I think — that if a woman can’t shop to it, she probably won’t stick with it for very long — whatever it is…..

    Imagine if we’d never had yoga pants or yoga mats– we’d probably only have 50,000 deadbeat hippies practicing yoga.


      Just kidding, MY YOGA; you’re plenty creepy.


        Funny! I love it.
        Maybe just deal it?
        Ostrich Pose is most ungainly

  • VQ2

    The solution to that is the heal yourself; to practice at home, too – no need for the “fashion show”. Don’t criticize others, MY YOGA; it is not always about shopping. I had been myself hard on yoga mats; my rough feet had ground them down. What I’d thought had been an “allergy to latex rubber”, thus explaining my trying out of different yoga mats, turned out to be a far more serious problem; eventually causing me to eschew all but the most mat-sparing of gentle, hatha or kundalini-infused practices … the rest is just for circus tricks and the ongoing entertaining sideshow that needs its dressed-up clowns … gave up shopping in those kinds of athleisure stores, too …;)

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  • Do remember though that all these millions of yoga mats are causing a great degree of environmental pollution. Those in the market for yoga mats should try and inquire and find out whether the mat that they are buying is of environment-friendly material. Because being in harmony with nature and purity is what essentially Yoga is all about!

  • Being Canadian and having lived in two of the biggest cities, Toronto and Vancouver, you can’t walk 10 feet in the city without seeing someone with a yoga mat slung over their shoulder, especially in Vancouver.

    This article is good news for all of us in the yoga industry.

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