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100 Brave Yogis Pose On 600 Foot High Glass Bridge In China

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Yoga stunts are the new yoga stunts. Talk about being structurally sound. We don’t care how proper the alignment is, you will not catch us popping poses on a 900-foot long see-through glass bridge hinging between two mountains 600 feet above the ground…which is exactly what is happening in these pictures where 100 brave women did just that.

Made from plexiglass, the Haohan Qiao bridge – translating to “brave men’s bridge” – is a terrifying yet neato new addition to the Shiniuzhai Park in Pinjiang County, in China’s Hunan province. No misnomer, it will surely be a popular attraction for brave souls unafraid of heights, and apparently a new hot spot for public displays of yoga.

For these yogis posing for the cameras it’s less about an impromptu practice than a publicity stunt, “given the ladies’ identical outfits and presence of news photographers,” notes Mashable. The scene of the next unformed mass yoga event?


Technically this all perfectly safe. However, this bridge opened just a week after another glass bridge stretching across a canyon in a different province – this one suspended 3,500 feet in the air – cracked while tourists were on it. So, er, yeah. We won’t be seeing you there anytime soon. It is neat to look at, though.




image: Chinafotopress via Getty Images



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  • My Yoga's Better than Your Yoga

    Alas, they don’t make Flying Yoginis like they used to…..it’s all just for show.

    The Chinese have long excelled at female ensemble performances of this kind. This yogic display reminds me of their Red Guard ballets, but a lot less dynamic and without rifles as props.

    Maybe they could add a Trance Dance?

  • Cat

    Yikes!! I don’t know if I could relax enough to follow through with a practice. I’d have to go eyes closed the whole time.

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